Programme    : NSLTP in Hindi (Programme 2)

Date                : 9th -14th October 2016

Place               : Sahoday Sr. Sec. School, Hauz Khas, New Delhi,

Participants    : 45 students and 8 animators

Resource Persons:

Ms. Aparna Babu, Research Scholar, Jamia University

Sr. Mercian Baptista, Coordinator YCS/YSM Delhi

Fr. Alexander Yesudasan, RYD, MP Region

Fr. Chetan Machado, National Director, YCS/YSM India

Mr. Midrash Mathew, Part time coordinator, YCS/YSM India

Fr. Vijay Baretto, Secretary to the Youth Commission, Delhi


DAY 1 : 9th Oct (2016) : YCS/YSM India National Student Leaders Training Programme in Hindi (2) was organized at Sahoday Sr. Sec. School, New Delhi from 9th October 2016 to 13th October 2016. 45 students and 8 animators from three Hindi speaking regions participated in this training programme.

Participants from Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh arrived on 8th October 2016. After the registration, participants gathered for the inaugural session at 11:30. Programme started with YCS l YSM clap and animation by Ms. VanshikaPaul, NEXCO from Northern Region. Some important instructions were given by SR. Mercian RMI, coordinator of YCS/YSM- Delhi. Thereafter Mr. Midrash Mathew, part time coordinator of YCS/YSM India gave a brief introduction and information about the programme to the participants.

All the participants had an introductory session where they introduced themselves and some group building activities were conducted by Ms. Vanshika.

After lunch, participants gathered in the auditorium for some group activities. They were divided in various groups for exposure visit which is a very important part of YCS/YSM methodology. groups were sent to AIIMS Hospital campus, HuazKhas village, HauzKhas market and Safdarjung Hospital. Group 1 was guided by Sylvester, group 2 was guided by RuchitaTirkey, group 3 was guided by Vanshika Paul and group 4 was guided by RashmiDungdung.Students came back at 6 pm and started preparing their report of exposure visit.

At 7:30 inaugural Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. Balraj Augustine, SCC coordinator of Delhi Archdiocese. He wished the participants good luck and prayed for them.

After dinner reports of exposure visit was presented by different groups. It was done creatively by colorful charts and images. It was evident that groups had done a wonderful work of ‘SEE’ing the reality.

After this some instructions were given to the participants for the following day and volunteers and NEXCO had evaluation.


Day 2 : 10th Oct (2016) : On the second dayparticipants woke up at 6:00am in the morning. After the Morning Prayer conducted by one of the groups, breakfast was served at 8 pm.

After the breakfast, Ms Aparna, former part time coordinator took a session on social analysis. She spoke on ‘SEE’ part of the methodology based on the exposure visit. She explained the difference between ‘seeing’ and ‘observing’. She guided them on how to observe realities.

After the break Fr. Chetan spoke on leadership. He conducted a workshop on leadership; He gave a brief history of YCS movement. He spoke about purpose of starting this movement, motive and aim.

After lunch, at 2 pm Fr. Chetan took a session on ‘JUDGE’ part of the methodology. He did a brief social analysis and changing social scenario.He gave a few examples and made the participants understand their role as good citizens. He spoke about judging a situation and take action in given situation.

In the evening outdoor activates were conducted. Ms Aparna and Fr. Chetan conducted some group activities. In the evening there was a short session on leadership. Fr. Chetan spoke about different kinds of leaders and what is expected of aYCSer or YSMer. He gave examples of positive and negative leaders who have built communities and also destroyed.

After dinner there was cultural programme prepared by the participants. All groups presented their cultural programme. Students got an opportunity to showcase their talents. After the cultural programme there was evaluation of the day. All gathered in their groups and spoke about their learnings. They also wrote their evaluation. One of the groups conducted night prayer.


Day-3 : 11th Oct (2016) : Day began with the morning paryer conducted by group 3. After the breakfast NEXCO and volunteers conducted some group building activities. Students read out their evaluation of the previous day. Each region was given time to conduct animation before the first session for the day. Ms. Aparna was the resource person for the first session in the morning. She spoke on ‘ACT’ part of the methodology. She then spoke about review of life and leadership. She focussed on using YCS methodology to review one’s life to make it worthwhile. She dealt with the theme for the next three years i.e. ‘called to believe;begin;become’ and one of the thrusts, ‘back to the roots’. Session was interactive and attentively attended by all the participants. After the break participants were taught a new dance and the next session was based on inspirational video presentation for transformation of lives. It was to teach them how to observe things and also to help them to lead from front.

Fr. Vijay Baretto, Delhi Archdiocesan youth director interacted with students. He wished them success and gave them some tips to become good leaders.

Then the 3rd session for the day began at 3pm was conducted by Fr. Chetan. The session was based on Heritage and Spirituality of religions. During this session students learnt more about different religion that coexist in India, values they teach and beautiful teachings of these religions. There were many questions after this session and Fr. Chetan answered these questions.

In the evening after the tea break, outdoor activities were conducted by volunteers. All participated in these with full energy. After games break, animators shared their testimonies. Their personal stories were very touching and inspiring. Each one of them guided students to become good human beings.

After dinner regionwise cultural programme was presented. NEXCO invited Fr. Vijay to address the participants. Thereafter groupwise evaluation was conducted and each participant wrote about his/her day’s learning. Group 4 conducted night prayer. After some instructions all departed to bed.


DAY-4 : 12th Oct (2016) : On the 4th day of the training, Fr. Chetan celebrated the Holy Eucharist at 7 am. After the Eucharist, group-1 conducted the Morning Prayer.

After breakfast Ms. Aparna Babu took session on ‘cell life’. She spoke about the importance of being part of a cell and how to conduct a cell meeting. Participants were given a chance to conduct a cell meeting.

After the break, he also shared his thoughts on ‘review of life’. There was a workshop on how to conduct a cell meeting. Various topics were given to different groups and they were asked to conduct a cell meeting and report. Fr. Chetan showed some videos to make the participants understand about reviewing one’s life and make it better day by day.

In the afternoon Sr. Mercian RMI spoke about social reality and YCS/YSM leadership. She gave all the information about cell, unit, diocese and region. There were lot of questions after this session where Ms. Aparna and Fr. Chetan along with Sr. Mercian answered the questions. All the participants were given a sheet of paper to write a few words of appreciations towards other participants. It was fun watching students going around and writing good about every participant. After the outdoor activities in the evening, all gathered for faith sharing session at 7:00 pm. This concluded with evening prayer.

After supper, cultural programme was held. Individual performances were held to give chance to each participant to showcase his/her talents.

Day ended with evaluation of the day by the participants and each one wrote about five learnings of the day. All departed to bed after the evaluation.

On 13th all the participants were taken to ‘deer park’ where Fr. Alexander conducted a session on ‘self appreciation’. He conducted an activity and made them answer a lot of questions. It was a very meaningful and interactive session where he made them understand how important it is to appreciate oneself. Students were asked to write a report of the entire training programme and also prepare an action plan for their regions. This was presented and lot of suggestions were given by the participants to make this training programme better.

After a short concluding ceremony at the garden itself all the participants came back to the venue for lunch. After a sumptuous lunch all the students departed to their regions.


Evaluation : NSLTP (Hindi) was an effort to bring all Hindi speaking regions to train students to become better human beings. All the resource persons and volunteers did their best to conduct the programme in Hindi. Sahoday Sr. Sec. School provided all the facilities. There were participants from different faiths which made this training programme meaningful. During the programme Dussera was celebrated in the country and students also celebrated this festival of good overpowering evil. There was good cooperation from all the participants and volunteers.


Ms. Vanshika Paul



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