April 9, 2024 : Leading the people of God – Then and Now Msgr. Dr. Prakash Sagili ordained as Bishop of Khammam diocese.

The Catholic Church in India joyfully announced the ordination of Rev. Dr. Sagili Prakash as the Bishop of Khammam, marking a significant moment in both his personal journey and the spiritual leadership of the Telugu region.

Born on January 2, 1957, Rev.Dr Sagili Prakash’s commitment to his calling has been unwavering since his ordination to the priesthood on April 25, 1984. With a profound dedication to serving the faithful, his appointment as Bishop of Khammam on February 17, 2024, underscores his exemplary leadership within the Church.

The solemn ordination ceremony took place on April 9, 2024, as His Excellency stepped into his new role, embracing the responsibilities and challenges that come with shepherding the flock in Khammam.

Prior to his appointment as Bishop, Rev. Fr. Prakash Sagili has served diligently in various capacities, demonstrating his deep commitment to the welfare of the community. As the Coordinator of the CCBI Health Apostolate, he has been instrumental in promoting health initiatives. He has also served as the National Director of Youth and National Chaplain of YCS/YSM INDIA from 1995-2001, nurturing the spiritual growth of the youth across the nation.

Additionally, his tenure as the Director of St. John Hospital, Bangalore, reflects his passion for providing compassionate care and upholding the values of mercy and service in healthcare.

In assuming the role of Bishop of Khammam, Dr.Sagili Prakash brings with him a wealth of experience, a compassionate heart, and a steadfast dedication to his ministry. The faithful of Khammam can look forward to his inspired leadership and guidance as they continue their journey of faith.

The Young Catholic Students/ Young Students Movement – YCS YSM India feels proud on his Episcopal ordination and wish him good health and wisdom to lead the diocese of Khammam and the catholic church.

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