Greetings to everyone!


Raichel Patricia is here with you, YCS/YSM is an “Identity” for me. I am in YCSYSM for the past five years. I had a passion from my childhood to create some kind of change in my surrounding and I’m very happy to share that YCS/YSM is making my passion coming true each day of my life. YCS/YSM has been a great part in my life. To be clearer, this opportunity to be YCS/YSMER was given as a miraculous gift to me from Lord Jesus Christ. This movement has made me to identify “Who I really am and what should be done -being me”. As youngsters, students join in many activities for their identities. But this is a movement which stands unique to be the “identity” for students. To be a part of this movement makes me feel best and to live meaningfully in this world. More than a person to bring happiness, YCS/YSM has taught me to be the reason for happiness. I am happy and privileged to share the changes happened to me becoming a YCS/YSMER. Before being a part in this movement my life was just something rare to be spoken before people, a life without friendship and courage, somewhere... to be someone. But after getting into this wonderful family of YCS/YSM... I realized who “ME” is. It has been a great platform in my life to achieve my greater heights. I am thankful to my school who gave me the knowledge to

be a part in this family!


Joining this movement made me more energetic and vibrant, get to know different sorts of people from different parts, interacting with people with a big open smile and a good handshake, to create a friendly environment. Moreover, this family has lots and lots of brothers and sisters in one home! I am proud enough to say that I became a great speaker and leader after entering into YCS/YSM. Yes being a part of this family involving teenagers, makes them to be aware of the reality of life and stand unique from the crowd!! I am thankful to say that YCS/YSM gave me full satisfaction to live life knowing the true worth of it. I am blessed to say that entering YCS/YSM started the journey as diocesan leader continued...to be the National Secretary at present. It is indeed a proud moment for my parents to say that “Our daughter is a leader” as YCS/YSMER. I find joy and happiness in their face that I owe being a part in YCS/YSM and as a National Secretary! My families YCS/YSM made my dreams come true as leader and a simple child who wants to make her parents proud. To conclude YCS/YSM is an “IDENTITY” for me to stand unique among many and traveling -as YCS/YSMer is a wonderful experience. I take this moment to thank all my friends who made me to in build my talents and explore it to others..I also thank a special person who inspired me to be here...from my region! Thank you all. As the thrust portrays to believe, to begin and to become in which YCSYSM made me to discover my stone of talent to build God’s Kingdom. I invite every one of you too, to be the reason for the change and to build God’s Kingdom!


Once a YCS/ YSM’ER.....always a YCS/YSM’ER.


Let YCS/YSM light shine!!!


Thank you!!


 Raichel Louis Patricia,

National Secretary

Tamil Nadu - Region


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