Cell : Group of 8 – 12 having a Leader and Secretary for the Cell

Unit : Cells together form unit having President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter

Diocese : Units together form Diocesan team (DTA/DTS)

Region : Dioceses together form Regional team (RTA/RTS)

Nation : National team (NTA/EXCO) - National Chaplain, National Coordinator, Convener, Secretary, Treasurer – Office in Delhi, India

Asia : Asian team – Office in Manila, Philippines

International IYCS : International team – Office in Paris, France

  • Student Movement: The YCS/YSM is a student Movement. Students at various levels (Cell, Unit, Diocese, Region, and Nation) undertake and hold responsibility in terms of leadership and decision making in consultation with their animators.

  • National Council (NC): NC is highest legislative body, which consists of student leaders from all the dioceses. It meets once in three years to evaluate the Movement and to evolve a theme for the coming three years. So far we have had fifteen such councils.

  • National Exco: The National Exco consists of two student leaders (a boy and a girl) from each region. They form a link between the National, regional and diocesan bodies and help in the execution of the National plans and programmes.

  • National Team of Animators (NTA): The NTA consists of the Regional Youth Directors, the National Coordinator and the National Chaplain.  The NTA & EXCO meets once in six months to evaluate, to plan and to implement the programmes at the National level.

  • National Team (NT): The NT comprises of National Convenor, Secretary, Treasurer along with National Chaplain and Coordinator. These leaders are elected democratically, from the national body of Nexco. This is the administrative body of the Movement.

  • Regions:  There are 12 regions in India. The Regional Team (RT-REXCO) comprises of the Regional Director, Coordinator, Convenor, Secretary and Treasurer. There are the Regional Team of Animators (RTA) and Regional Team of Students (RTS)

  • Diocese: In the Dioceses we have Diocesan Team of Animators (DTA) and Diocesan Team of Students (DTS) to discuss, to evaluate and to strengthen the Movement. Like NT and RT, here we have Diocesan Team (DT-DEXCO) as the administrative body.

  • Unit/Cell: The number of cells in a particular institution/parish forms a unit. A cell having 8-12 students meets regularly under the guidance of Animator.


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