Spirituality of Relationship:

God is actively present in every day event. His dynamic presence is actively creative. God and man are co-creators of a new world. Every human action becomes an invitation from God to create a new world.

The spirituality of the movement is a call to Action. Action in YCS/ YSM is not a mere activity or a technique of leadership, it is rather a conscious response to a living and loving God who challenges. It is a faith lived in practice. Spirituality is faith accompaniment.

Cardijn Spirituality: 3 Truths.

  1. Truth of Faith: God created us in His image and likeness. We should experience love, justice and peace. They are kingdom values.

  2. Truth of Reality/Life: But the truth/fact/situation in life/reality is different. We experience Hatred, injustice, suffering etc. Seeing the reality, we understand there is a big gap between the two different worlds - truth of faith and truth of reality. So, narrow down this gap. Still there is some hope. (For YCS/YSM, the starting point is life experience. Life is a series of experiences. Help them to identify what is their life experience. How & where they meet God?)

  3. Truth of Method: For this action, Jesus came and formed the movement. A group of people followed. YCS/YSM is part of this movement of Jesus. Truth of the Method is the truth of the movement (See-Judge-Act)

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