1. Beginners Camp — Where all the beginners come together for a day to get basic knowledge of YCS movement.

2. Commitment Day — One day programme for the beginners to learn about the movement and commit themselves with an oath to live by YCS/YSM vision, aim and methodology.

3. Office Bearers Election — The unit, zone, Diocese, Regional members/representatives come together at different levels to elect their leaders who are led to training about their role in the movement.

 4. Leadership Training — All the office bearers come together for overnight programme to understand their role as cell leaders and unit office bearers to conduct cell meeting and activities of the movement.

5. Village Exposure Camp —Members come together for a exposure in the remote village set up for 5 day programme, where they work for half day and learn about the need of hard work, the other half day is spent on various topics as input sessions, entertainment and talent exposure, prayer and leadership roles, they cook and do the basic household chores, visit the houses for reality check.

6. Street Play Training Camp — This is a 10 day training on Street play on various topics and then they exhibit the play in the public places like streets, market places and wherever people gather.

7. Talent Exposure Camp — This is one day programme where students come from all the units together to exhibit their talents like; group singing, group dance, collage, essay, chart making, speech, clay model, skit, rangoli, etc and may be sports and games like volley ball, cricket, throw ball etc.

 8. Yuvasangam — This is a day's programme for all the members of the diocese to gather together to show their unity, evaluate the past year and to plan for the next year. DTS elections may be held on this day and a Rally may be organized as given below.

 9. Rally — Rally is taken out on the day of YCS Diocesan gathering on Social and Student related issues. A public meeting is held in a prominent place along with some prominent persons from politics or government office and a memorandum is presented to the government authorities on related issues. Eg: RTE, Children rights, Corruption, save earth programme etc.

10. Solidarity Day — This is one day programme, celebrated on Jan 16th to participate in the social cause at the vicinity. This day YCS India was formally organized.

11. Study Day — Nov 13th. This day is spent to study about Cardinal Cardijn's life and philosophy.

12. Exposure Visit—This is an important programme of the movement where students are led to various spots like shuns, village houses, market places, dumping yards, juvenile homes, remand homes, awareness walk to parks, woods, forests, hiking etc to take a reality check and basing on the exposure cell meeting is conducted to take appropriate action.

13. Meeting Personalities and taking Interviews to learn about taking up leadership roles and journalism to write articles to news papers and The Search news letter.

14. Training Programmes — RTI, RTE, Consumer forum, Writing and collage skills, Life skills, Human Rights and student Rights, Children Rights and child labour etc.

15. Animators Training — In the national level this is 7 day residential programme. Regional level 3 day programme, as well as in the Diocesan level 3 day programme. At the diocesan level Animators meet in the beginning of the year to plan for the present year's activities along with DTS and at the end of the year an evaluation to be conducted along with a day's outing.

16. YCS/YSM Bulletin — Diocese and Region may publish a bulletin to disseminate the news and articles pertaining to student members quarterly or monthly. 'The Search' is the national newsletter published bi-monthly.

17. Spiritual Programmes — Half day recollection, pilgrimages, residential retreats, inters religious prayer services may be organized for the student members.

18. Fund Raising — Membership fees, Donations, Raffles, Fancy fete, Door to door collection etc.

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