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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 23-28 May 2023 : We, the Student Delegates, Animators, Diocesan Youth Directors, Regional Youth Directors, NEXCO, and Invitees, totaling 104 members, representing 7 Regions of YCS/YSM India, gathered at Sacred Heart Seminary, Poonamallee, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, hosted by Tamil Nadu Region and the Archdiocese of Madras - Mylapore from 23rd to 28th of May 2023 for the XXVIII Study and Formation Session and XIX National Council on the theme "Gen-Z for a self-sustaining world". The theme had three key thrusts: 'Sustenance', 'Healthy Living', and 'Voice of the Voiceless'.

Through input sessions by speakers, exposure visits, group discussions, and evaluation, we together brought perspectives focusing on the theme, keeping the methodology of our movement at the center: awareness, reflection, action, and evaluation, drawing the following theme statement: "Gen-Z for a self-sustaining world" as the need of the hour demanding immediate attention and action.



It is a compelling and transformative initiative of Gen-Z to raise awareness and inspire collective action towards the creation of a world that prioritizes the fulfillment of everyone's needs over unchecked greed. It is imperative that we align our actions in making a Kingdom of God for us and the coming generations, not forgetting the significance of physical, mental, and emotional health in the overall well-being and the sustainable growth of society. We dedicate ourselves to creating a supportive and nurturing environment for all.

Recognizing the urgency of addressing climate change and environmental degradation, we commit ourselves to advocating for sustainable practices and responsible consumption. We will strive to protect and restore ecosystems at the grassroots level, promote renewable energy, and raise awareness about the interconnectedness between human activities and the environment.

Based on the theme, the three thrusts call us to work on the factors that would strengthen the movement and bring about sustainable changes in the world.
'Sustenance' aims at the ability to meet essential needs in a sustainable and equitable manner, ensuring long-term viability. Our thrust is to foster an environment where every individual and community has access to the necessary resources, opportunities, and assistance to prosper and ensure their well-being for future generations.

'Healthy Living' is fundamental to every living being. Thus, we empower individuals and communities to lead fulfilling and balanced lives. We believe that fostering physical, mental, and emotional well-being is essential for creating a sustainable and thriving society.

'Voice of the Voiceless' is of utmost importance to approach our efforts with compassion, respect, and a willingness to listen, by being a strong voice for the voiceless. We can contribute to positive change and help create a more inclusive and equitable society.

We pledge our efforts to enhance our commitment to the theme "Gen-Z for a self-sustaining world" by prioritizing environmental stewardship, empowering students, promoting social justice, advancing education for sustainable development, fostering interfaith collaboration, and maintaining a culture of continuous evaluation and adaptation. Together, we will build a new society rooted in introspection and self-belief, thus safeguarding the well-being of present and future generations.
Thus, we the members of YCS/YSM India at the XIX National Council, Chennai, resolve to renew our responsibility towards the movement and society at large, revive and imbibe the true spirit with which our movement began, facing hurdles like climate change, environmental degradation, physical, mental and emotional health, and others by us, 'Gen-Z', and work towards the accomplishment of a self-sustaining society. Hence, to actualize this, we need to adapt to these ever-evolving challenges and adopt development centered on sustainable growth.

We, the family of YCS/YSM India, shall pledge to enhance our lives in the light of the Holy Scriptures and moral values in 'Building a New Society,' i.e., ‘God's Kingdom.'


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