Chennai 23 May 2023 ( YCS/YSM India): 'The Call- God has given us all' Most. Rev. Nazarene Soosai, Chairman of Tamil Nadu Youth Commission addressed the gathering with this reflection.

At the Sacred Heart Seminary in Poonamallee, Chennai, the Young Catholic Students/Young Students Movement's (YCS/YSM India) 28th Formation session and the XIX National Council is underway. Students from eight different regions of India are taking part in this council.

The National Council's inaugural ceremony began on May 23rd at 4:30pm with the hoisting of the flags. Most. Rev. Nazarene Soosai, Chairman of Tamil Nadu Youth Commission and Fr Martin Joseph RYD Tamil Nadu respectively housted the National Flag and the YCS/YSM Flag.





The programme was followed by the inauguration of regional stalls that highlighted the richness and diversity of our country. Ms. Catherine Saryana IAS ,a young sub DC from Thiruvallue addressed the students at the inaugural ceremony She noted that Youth plays one of the most important roles and their potential should not be neglected by anyone, not even them. She emphasised that we are the change makers and should practise what we preach. It is essential to be conscious politically, economically and in all aspects." The day concluded with a cultural programme put forth by the host region. The keynote address was delivered by the former National and IYCS International Chaplain Fr Charles Menezes where he emphasised that a movement is always in motion and it is our dedicated passion that is responsible to keep it's spirit ignited. He advised to do everything with the new spirit but listen to the old ones. He said,' we need to reflect, evaluate and take actions because we have a future that is hopeful.

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