National Student Leadership Training Programme (NSLTP) - REPORT : 2016

Programme    : NSLTP in English (Programme 1)

Date        : 2-6 October 2016

Place        : Jyotirmai Centre, Secunderabad, Regional Pastoral Centre of Telugu Region

Participants    : 35

Resource Persons:

Adv. Mr. James Sylvester, President YCS/YSM India Alumni

Fr. Blaswamy, Regional Youth Director, Telugu Region

Mr. Leo Joseph, Former YCS/YSM coordinator

Mr. Jimmy Pdang, Former National Convener

Mr. Roshan Lobo, Former NEXCO

Fr. Chetan Machado, National Director, YCS/YSM India

Mr. Kamal Francis, EXCO YCS/YSM Alumni


01.10.2016: On the 1st of October delegates from Karnataka, Andhra, Tamilnadu and North East regions arrived at Jyotirmai Centre,Secunderabad, Regional Pastoral Centre of Telugu Region. After the evening tea all the participants gathered for a short introductory session conducted by NEXCOs. At 7:30 pm there was the Holy Eucharist. After dinner NEXCO’s conducted group sharings and evaluation. After some interaction and night prayer, participants went to bed at 10:30 pm. Animators met for a short evaluation thereafter.


02.10.2016: On the 2nd October, day began with the Holy Eucharist. Fr. Balaswamy, Regional Youth Director of Telugu region celebrated the Eucharist. After the breakfast there was a short inauguration ceremony. Fr. Balaswamy was the chief guest. After lighting the lamp, he gave a short message stressing, ‘self change& changing other’. He said a good leader changes himself and gives a good example. Our intelligence, talents are secondary’.

After the inaugural ceremony NEXCO and animation team conducted some icebreakers. Mr. Leo, former coordinator was the resource person for the first session. He started with an activity and then showed some inspirational videos. He asked them a few questions and made them to answer by reviewing their lives.

Most Rev. Jayarao Polimera, Chairman Bishop of Telugu region and Bishop of Eluru diocese paid a visit and motivated the students. He shared his experience of starting a youth group when he was studying abroad. He along with Fr. Chetan Machado, Ms Jesvita Quadras, National Convener, Ms Rachel Patricia, National Secretary, Mr. Clacious Rodrigues, National Treasurer and Ms Hundari, student representative from the Northeast lit the lamp. He also shared his experience as a youth director. He wished the participants good luck and blessed them.

Mr. Leo continued his session after the tea break and explained the importance of a cell meeting and ‘SEE part of the methodology.

After lunch, at 1:45 pm Mr. Roshan Lobo, former NEXCO spoke on the topic, ‘SEE’ – part of YCS/YSM methodology. Two  videos  pertaining to slums where people work creatively and made their life. It was inspiring. Fr. Chetan prepared the participants for the exposure visit. He spoke on ‘real world’ and ‘ideal world’. Students went in four groups and returned at 5 pm. As they returned, they were busy preparing their reports and chart presentations. At 6pm Mr. Kamal, former NEXCO helped the participants to prepare their presentations. North East region conducted the inter-religious prayer.

After dinner, a short cultural programme was presented by Telugu Region. Mr. Roshan conducted a short session and moderated presentations of exposure visit. The day ended with evaluation. NEXCO met for a short meeting to prepare for the next day.

03.10.2016: The second day began with the Holy Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Chetan Machado. During the homily he shared a reflection on the Good Samaritan and the liturgy was conducted by Karnataka Region

After the breakfast Mr. Leo Joseph continued his session on methodology of the movement – ‘See-Judge-Act’. He stressed on ‘Awareness’ part of the methodology. He also spoke about different angles of viewing a situation. He inspired the students by showing some unique photographs and explained the right way to view them. After this, previous days reports were read by different groups. After the group sharing participants shared their learning’s.  After the tea break, at 11 am Fr. Chetan took a session on ‘Introducing YCS/YSM’. He started with YCS/YSM quiz. He explained the purpose for what the movement had begun, a brief history etc. After a short break, he continued the session showing some inspirational videos and stories.

In the afternoon Mr. Leo showed some inspirational videos. NEXCO’s conducted some group dynamics. After lunch, participants gathered at 2 pm and session began at 2:30 pm. Fr. Chetan spoke about social analysis, healthy relationship and culture of love and culture of death. He spoke about media and its influence. Participants were asked to do an activity on advertising a product. In the evening outdoor activities were conducted. After a good outdoor session and freshening up evening prayer was conducted.

After dinner, North East Region performed cultural program followed by evaluation and group sharing of the day’s learning’s. NEXCO’s and group in charge for next day's liturgy spent some time in preparation.


04.10.2016: The third day of NSLTP began with the Holy Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Chetan at 7 am. In his homily he asked the participants to become strong in their faith like St. Paul. As young students we must be convinced of what we want to become and what is right and just. Telugu region conducted the liturgy.

After the breakfast, animation team conducted some group dynamics. Participants read the previous days evaluation. Mr. James Sylvester, former NEXCO and YCS/YSM Alumni Association President was the resource person. He was introduced to the participants and he spoke on ‘student/adolescent psychology’. He explained the reason behind different types of reactions by teenagers as they grow. He asked the students to notice these changes and act accordingly.

At 11pm Mr. Jimmy Pdang, former national coordinator shared his experience in YCS/YSM. He took a session which was very inspiring. He urged the students to believe in the movement which brings a positive change.

After lunch, Fr. Chetan spoke about positive and negative influence of media in our day to day life. There was a debate on this topic and students participated actively. After a short tea break ‘youth café’ was conducted. Animators clarified a lot of issues on media, relationship, human dignity etc during the café. After refreshments all gathered for the evening prayer at 7 pm. Telugu region conducted the prayer.

After dinner, Karnataka region performed cultural programme. National coordinator Jesvita shared her experience and Clacious Rodrigues, National treasurer also shared his experience as NEXCOS. Students spent some time in silence and wrote their evaluation before departing to their bed.

05.10.2016: On 5th October 2016, fourth day of the programme, day began with the Holy Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Chetan. He spoke on importance of prayer in our lives. Liturgy was conducted by the North East region.

After breakfast Fr. Chetan conducted the first session on ‘ambition v/s mission’. He showed a film titled ‘do kalakar’ and explained how we can have ambition and mission. It is important that we should have a mission. Having only ambition in life takes us nowhere. After the tea break participants read the evaluation reports. Mr. Jimmy conducted the next session on ‘cell life and cell meeting’. He explained the importance of cell meeting and taught how to conduct a cell meeting. Topics were given to different groups to conduct a cell meeting immediately using YCS/YSM methodology.

After lunch, Mr. James Sylvester conducted a session on the constitution of YCS/YSM. During the session he explained to the students about the different articles in the constitution and the things contained in them followed by clearing of doubts by participants.

After the tea break at 4pm all the participants were given a sheet of paper to appreciate the qualities of other people. This activity lasted 30 minutes with a positive result and with smiles on the students face. There was a short session of outdoor games thereafter.

In the evening North East region conducted the evening prayer and gave a reflection on world peace and prayed for the same.

After dinner, all gathered outside for camp fire. Each participant was given a candle which symbolized the guiding light. All sang the hymn ‘this little guiding light…’ and Sr. Bernadeth conducted a short prayer. Holding lit candles all sang YCS/YSM anthem. After this brief campfire session all gathered in the auditorium for the talent exposure. Each student got an opportunity to showcase their talents. At 10 pm all students went in their groups to write a report on their learning during NSLTP.

06.10.2016: On the last day of the programme, there was a thanksgiving mass by Fr. Joseph, Secretary to the Telugu Bishops Conference. He asked the participants to carry the light and spread it everywhere. He appreciated the efforts by the students to bring change in the society by self-change.

After a short concluding ceremony all the participants were taken out for ‘Hyderabad dashan’. It was a fruitful day spent together where many more things were learnt by the participants. They learnt to appreciate each other, correct and forgive each other. Students from different parts of the country, belonging to different faiths enjoyed each-others company and showed great maturity. In the evening, all departed to their respective regions.

Ms. Rachel Patricia


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