News & Photos:  Sharon Kalise, National Secretary, YCS YSM India

Place: St. John’s Seminary, Hyderabad
Date: 13th to 17th Nov 2013
Number of Participants: 54 student leaders & 7 Animators
Theme: Leadership and interculturality

Resource Persons:
Fr. David – Youth Psychologist & former DYD of Hyderabad
Fr. Sagayaraj – Asst Principal of St. Joseph Degree College, Hyderabad
Mr. Joseph Babu – YCS/YSM Animator, Hyderabad
Mrs Margaret – Professor and Social Acvtivist
Mr. James Sylvester – Lawyer, Editor and former member of YCS/YSM
Fr. Showry – Educationist and Director of Biblical commission, Andhra Pradesh
Fr. Balaswamy – DYD of Guntur and Professor in Cultural activities in AP
Fr. Charles Menezes, Chennai – Natioanl Chaplain,
Mr. Leo Joseph – Former National Coordinator
Mr. Kamal – YCS/YSM Full timer, Chennai
Others – Fr. Fathima Reddy, DYD of Hyderabad, AP
Fr. Ronald Veigas, DYD of Shimoga, Karnataka
Fr. Balaswamy – RYD of Andhra Pradesh

Introduction: The National Student Leaders Training Program (NSLTP) for the English speaking regions was held at St. John’s Seminary, Hyderabad from 13th to 17th November 2013. Fifty four Student Leaders from four regions namely: Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and North East took active part in it. Fr. Bala, the RYD of AP, Fr. Fathima Reddy, DYD of Hyderabad, Fr. Ronald Veigas, DYD of Belgaum, Sr. Agnes, RYD of North East along with 7 animators helped the students in giving their best participation.






13.11.2013: The program began with an introductory prayer led by Fr. Charles, the National Chaplain. Fr. Bala welcomed the students and asked them to make use of this opportunity to become Better Leaders for tomorrow. The Students introduced themselves and Fr. Charles gave us the key note address, explaining what is meant by NSLTP. The time table was proposed and accepted by the participants. Few games and action songs helped the students to break the ice.

Soon after the lunch, the students were divided into six permanent groups, where we chose our President, Secretary and a name for the team. Bala Praneeth Reddy, Sharon and Joshi were selected as the Camp Leader, Secretary and Time keeper respectively.

A short outline was given for the exposure and the students left the venue to experience the reality among the people. As per the methodology of YCS/YSM the SEE part contains experiencing the reality. Accordingly they were instructed as to how to view the reality and become aware of it. Hence, they visited market, shopping mall, narrow roads, street vendors, etc. Students personally experienced the reality and witnessed new things. Soon after returning the venue, they shared their experiences and evaluated the reality and reflected over it in their respective groups. The day came to an end after the Eucharistic celebration offered by Fr. Bala and organized by the Andhra Pradesh region.









14.11.2013: The new day began with the Holy mass offered by Fr. David. The main theme of the Eucharistic celebration was kindness and was well organized by the Tamilnadu region. The first session was handled by Mr. Joseph Babu. He made us clear about ‘Who is a Leader’; ‘Whom we consider as a leader’ and the qualities of a leader. His activity based games and practical way of approach made us reflect about the topic. It inspired and motivated us to become better leaders.

The next resource person of the day was Fr. David. He made the students to think the reality of the society by comparing it with the places visited during the exposure. The key note of his speech was: “When we see the reality, we don’t think, rather we feel” and vividly he explained us the feeling level of any person on any reality. The SEE part was dealt with clear idea.

The following session was proceeded by Mr. James Sylvester. He began his session with a simple question, “Are you happy?” Though it looked like an easy answer, the students realized the in and outs of the places where we stay. It helped us to reflect on the reality and make our judgments count on our personal experiences. From the session the students understood that Happiness is a feeling that comes when we make others happy and for that reason we should always be ready to come to the aid of the other. Reflection on the exposure visit was clear for us to deal with any situation we encounter with.
















Hats off to the Karnataka region for the beautiful evening prayer that helped us all to reflect the whole day. After supper, Mr. Leo Joseph helped the participants to know each other better through the ‘Clock Game’. The game made us to know each other better and to remember all names. A short video clipping of their Exposure day was played and the students were highly motivated. The day ended with the evaluation and night prayer.
15.11.2013: The day three began by invoking the God’s blessing through the Eucharistic Celebration lead by the North East region and offered by Fr Fathima Reddy. The theme was: ‘We live in the satisfaction by helping others’.

The first speaker Fr. Sagayaraj, taught us the ABCD of success in Leadership through his personal experiences in his life. ‘We are better than what we think’, made a positive impact in the student’s mind. In the end, he concluded saying that a leader is one who has backbone.

Mrs. Margaret through her group activity of forming towers using old newspapers brought out the leadership skills of many students. She clarified the differences between a leader and a manager through a power point show.

We were so happy to have Fr. Balasamy the DYD of Guntur diocese who dealt with the topic of ‘Interculturality’. Having been lived in Europe for many years he was able to demystify the tough topic of What Interculturality actually means? Students actively participated and had a healthy argument in the form of a group discussion.
After sitting hours together inside the hall, the students were taken to the ground to have some value based games. The students enjoyed to the fullest and learn the value of Equality and Brotherhood by practically explaining how the rich and poor treat each other and themselves in the society. We made sure and promised that as future leaders we will not behave in the same manner.








Soon after coming back to the hall, Fr. Charles led a session on ‘The Spirituality of YCS/ YSM’. He explained the term Spirituality with religiosity and the different connotation for being Spiritual. “Every individual is created by the image and likeness of God” and we must learn to see God in our neighbours and reality too. In order to reach God we need to start loving and forgiving our enemies. After a short evening prayer, the student broke for supper and came back for a movie show. The name of the movie was ‘Cool Runnings’ an African movie based on Team work, perseverance and Leadership.

16.11.2013: The fourth day of the NSLTP began with much hope and expectation with the Holy mass offered by Fr. Ronald Veigas. It was well organized by the Karnataka region.

The whole day’s session was handled by Fr. Showry, the Director of the Catechetical Commission of Andhra Pradesh. He dealt with the topics namely: Witness to leadership, Qualities of a Good Leader, Requirements of a Good Leader, and Leadership styles and made it realistic practical through games and activities. He taught us the ways to recognize a good leader and to be a good leader. The washing of the feet of each other helped us understand that YCS/YSM leadership is all about servant leadership. It was a soul touching experience of life.

Session II was about the Interculturality and Social Analysis. He concentrated on the aspects of Culture, Intercultural and multi cultural societies. The session made us to understand more about the thrust of this year namely: ‘Interculturality’.

In the final session, we as a group discussed the case studies and tried our level best in giving a proper solution to that problem. We compared them with our own culture and society and understood that Interculturality is found everywhere in this 21st Century.

Having all the sessions of the four days in our minds, we formulated an action plan for our unit and diocese based on the major thrust of the National Theme- Interculturality. The presentation of our action plan helped us to think broader and the cross questions from our fellow group members helped us to understand it better. Mr. Kamal and Leo helped us to formulate the action plan accurately.

The next part of the agenda was evaluation. We evaluated personally on the given questions and assessed the success of the NSLTP Hyderabad. Before supper, Maria Immaculate, the Exco of Andhra Pradesh shared her life experience and the proud story of being an EXCO in this esteemed movement.

Students were given time to prepare for their cultural and was requested to assemble inside the hall after the supper. Five students and one animator on behalf of all the participants shared their fruitful experience in being a part in this National Student Leaders Training Program. The participants were so happy to expose their talents and encouraged the talents of the others too. Fr. Charles, Fr. Fathima and Fr. Ronald honored the participants with certificates and mementoes. Fr. Charles, the National Chaplain thanked each and everyone for the success of the program. He also made note of the future programs to be held and invited the participants to work more for the movement. Thanks to Leo Joseph and Kamal Francis who showed the 4 days program in an audio visual show.









17.11.2013: On the final day as the part of interculturality the participants visited few historic places in Hyderabad namely the Golkonda Fort, Charminar and the Palace and left to their respective regions. The NSLTP 2013 at Hyderabad was a great success due to the cooperation and coordination of every delegate behind it. Thanks to Fr. Bala and Fr. Fathima for their preparedness, all the Resource persons for guiding the delegates in the real meaning of leadership and leading the sessions effectively, the seminary staff for providing place and Fr. David for organizing exposure visit. Let YCS/YSM Light Shine!


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