Greetings to everyone,

I am Jesvita Princy Quadras, the National YCS/YSM Convener, pursuing my first year BA Degree in Mangalore diocese. Right from my 5th grade, I always wanted to be a student of arts only because I love being around with people and understanding them which made me feel rather very blissful. Therefore, I have this wish to be a counselor and social worker. This can be noted as the main reasons for me to be an active member of YCS, as it became the perfect cherry on the cake for me. I am forever thankful and indebted to the movement for this priceless treasure it has given me. From the day the movement entered into myself, I am experiencing miracles and wonders every moment.

Beginner's camp was the first program I attended during my 11th grade. Here, I was fully carried away with a person who inspired me to the fullest. This person became my inspiration to join the movement deeply because of his boldness, confidence and the connection he had with the youth. Moreover, he was just my age. The only question I asked myself continuously was “If he can, why can't I?" A strong urge filled me which made me want to be a part of YCS and to grow in the movement more. Miraculously, I did grow. In the diocese as a Rexco and then at the region as a Nexco and presently as the National Convener. My change and growth in the movement was and is reflected in my words of expression, behavior and action. I feel proud of myself for the person I have become today and the credit goes to YCS- 'My Movement' is what I like to call it. The person that I once was and the person that I am now is never the same. I also believe that I keep changing and growing every day in my life and I feel happy about it as my growth is towards being a positive human person.

   I think of life as a ride in a 'Roller Coaster ' which never moves in the same direction. Sometimes right, sometimes left and sometimes even upside down. We may often break down and cry and pray for it not to happen, but the journey never stops. It continues. Even though we tend to give up a lot of times, the ride i.e. our life's long journey never gives up on us. We slowly learn, as to how we can face the fears and problems heading our way, and finally come out of it breaking all the obstacles with a new self. People next to us may or may not hold our hands, but it doesn't matter. Because we alone face the difficulties alone."I may give up on myself... But the skies will never give up on me" this is the quote which inspires me to move on whatsoever. This is why I find my life so interesting and magical and so full of surprises. Because we never know what's heading next...

Do we?

Being a youngster, our mentalities may be very different. But guess what... Ours is the 'most fun filled, enthusiastic and incredibly unique period of life'.

So make the best of it!

Let YCS YSM Light Shine…

Thank you!


Jesvita Princy Quadras

National Convener


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