My journey in YCS YSM began 5 years back when my school YSM animator approached me to join the same. I was not so active during these 2 years because of studies and after my 10th std, YCS was mandatory to all the young students in the parishes of our diocese and just because it was mandatory I started attending the meetings. As the days passed I understood the movement better, its methodology and specially the objective of the movement to "change self and change others" which inspired a lot. In 2018 I got a lucky chance to be the president and lead my deanery/zone. There it all started and now I feel blessed to lead the movement at the national level.
Now a days where young students are facing lot of difficulties, our movement has helped a lot of them to overcome these difficulties and achieve success in lives. As Pope says 'Young people are not the future but the present',hence young people need more attention these days because of the fast changing world where they get diverted from the prime purpose of their life. Our movement has a beautiful objective which says to change self and others and I believe that only young people can bring changes we are needed and to fulfill this we have a methodology- see, judge and act through which we reflect and take necessary actions. Many people have transformed their lives though this movement and its methodology. This methodology is now vastly used by many other organisations for their betterment.
YCS YSM is an action orientated movement where youth related problems are addressed and solved. Problems of the young people are needed to be heard and in YCS YSM during cell meetings all are allowed to speak and share and reflect. Cell meetings are the basic foundation of YCS YSM which can find solution to any situations and also find means to "build a new society."
Hence YCS YSM has played a vital role in the development of many young students including me and many others. Its time to pay back by helping the movement in whatever means possible and also to expand it all over the country so that it will be accessible to many more young students and help them to change self and others to build a new society.



Deril Dsa
National Convener

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