The 121 Student Delegates of YCS/YSM accompanied by their 27 Chaplains and Animators representing various Dioceses from 8 Regions across India gathered at St. Joseph Vaz Renewal Centre, Old Goa from May 17-24, 2019 to deliberate on the theme “Young students for a Youthful Life”. They reflected on the three thrusts: “Self-Identity; Safe School; New Society”
The methodology of Joseph Cardinal Cardijn “See, Judge and Act” made way for young minds to revive their youthfulness individually and socially. The YCS/YSM delegates shared that students are facing many challenges.

The confusion faced in personality formation, education and career diverts `them from values and a joyful lifestyle. The influence of social media, smartphones and dependency on artificial intelligence emerged boldly from the discussions. Undoubtedly, social media and the web with all its advancements is indeed a blessing to humankind, especially for students who draw benefit of it.

However, the tendency to get quick information and ready-made ideas on the web is minimizing creativity, exploration, innovation and self-discovery in students. Self-obsession is a common feature to the extreme of which many students end up in addictions and even suicide. Students voiced how their schools are unsafe, from poor infrastructure to the terrifying incidents they witness such as discriminations based on gender, caste, colour, faith and performance or poor sanitation in and around the school premises or psychophysical assaults on students.
Often the attitude of teachers, family and peer pressure distort their understanding of true education and overall development. The chaos in educational institutions is cutting the students off their innocence and youthfulness.

The delegates made detailed analysis and expressed their understanding of the existing reality. There is a growing feature among the students of either being workaholics or work shirkers that dilutes the phenomena of ethical development.

Some student leaders expressed their struggle balancing selflessness and selfishness; the lack of dedicated animators, concerned parents and sensitive teachers to guide them; while many struggle to discover their true-identity. A few shared about the lack of tolerance and patience, wrong priorities, sense of loneliness and disinterest in life. Values have become difficult to imbibe and practice. They are learnt through compassion, not fear. Therefore, students are free to choose wisely and ethically. However, ethics are gradually declining in daily life and curriculum so it is worth re-emphasizing them.

To resolve these concerns, the delegates were inspired to break open their paths to be the change and bring the change to build a just society – God’s Kingdom.
Thus, we the delegates of the XVIII National Council of YCS/YSM India resolve:
a) To uphold the methodology of the movement and apply it to our daily lives. We shall strive to revive and sustain youthfulness within ourselves and others.
b) To be compassionate to one another and nature.
c) To study and reflect upon Self-Identity; Safe School; New Society in our cells, units and make ‘SMART’ action plans.
d) To be witnesses of the YCS/YSM Spirituality in our thoughts, words and deeds.

We understand the value of changing the water rather than changing the fish and thereby open our hearts to be receptive to Divine Guidance in order to make a difference for a better and peaceful world.

May 23, 2019
SJV Centre, Old Goa



  • Artificial intelligence - intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence of humans and animals
  • Self-obsession - the state of a person who just cannot help thinking and talking about themselves only.
  • Psychophysical assault – to attack a person physically or emotionally or mentally.
  • Work shirkers – one who avoids something, especially work
  • SMART – Specific; Measurable; Attainable; Result oriented; Time bound


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