June 3, 2014: third day of C.A.T began with Holy Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Charles Menezes, YCS/YSM National Chaplain. In his homily he said that we need to inspire the youth given to our care. He cited the examples of so many young and old people who made a difference in the world and inspired crores of people. He gave examples of Malala, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu (who is the mentor of Nelson Mandela) and asked the youth directors to inspire the young with their life experience. Our sole leader who inspired the world is Jesus and as followers of the same Jesus we also need to inspire others. He also explained how St Paul inspired the people after receiving the Holy Spirit and as we are preparing for the Pentecost, to imbibe the Holy Spirit in our life and do justice to the task given to us as youth directors and inspire the young given to our care.







At 9am Fr. Charles Menezes took the session on what is YCS/YSM in detail. He explained the origin, history, aim and objectives, vision and characteristics along with the methodology of the movement. He stressed the need to organize student members in this movement so that they are taken care of and guided properly in the methodology of YCS/YSM.







In the second session at 11am Fr. Charles presented why we need this movement for the teenagers. He gave a workshop on modern parable of the box and envisaged how each one of us are conditioned in different boxes in our life. This was to make aware the participants that we as animators are also in various boxes and to keep in mind that each one the student members and teenagers are also in different boxes and to understand and guide them accordingly. With the various needs of the young people go through in their life, he explained the various ways we can address them. The main importance is to organize them in their movement and train them in positive attitude formation. He clarified a few queries from the participants and rest of the issues will be taken us later.












At 3pm Fr. (Dr.) Gilbert Choondal SDB from Kristu Jyothi College took a session on ‘YOU CAT’ (Catechism of the Catholic Youth). He explained the origin, content and promotion of the YOU CAT. He enlightened youth animators about the richness of YOUCAT. This session was very inspiring. He said that YOU CAT is not readymade question answer book. It makes youth to think and invites them to have a right choice. He gave some questions from YOUCAT and asked participants to find answers, and then he said if you don’t know ask your neighbour. That’s what YOUCAT meant to be. He concluded saying that participants should pray like this “May this YOU CAT be more exciting than the YOU TUBE; May this FAITH BOOK be more exciting than FACE BOOK”.

At 5pm Fr. Gilbert continued his session on ‘Teaching Faith through songs’. He said that action songs have meaning and value behind it. There are songs for icebreaking and for animation. He showed various power points how youth are attracted today for dance. We can also use their talents to proclaim good news. Fr. John Bosco thanked the Fr. Gilbert for his inspiring session. 

At 8.45pm Fr. Franklin took a session on ‘Self –Esteem’. Through a test he asked everyone to evaluate themselves. He also gave tips to increase self –Esteem. Then group evaluation was conducted. Days king CAT Mr. Praveen D’Souza passed his mantle on Ms. Mary Nirmala. Day came to an end with night prayer.














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