“Change cannot be given to you, you yourself should bring the change”. Whatsapp might say that these great words are said by the conductor. But, there is a young movement which is built somewhat on the same thought and where as a result the society changes. That movement is none other than Young Catholic Students Movement – YCS

In 2013, when I had just passed out my matriculation, I happened to meet the YCS animator of our parish and he asked me to join YCS henceforth. My facial expression completely changed. I was damn upset since I wanted to enjoy Sundays. But what to do? I had no option and the very next Sunday I joined YCS. To be very frank, that whole year I did not even enjoy the least in the first year. So I thought of discontinuing it from the following year. But my friends who had been younger to me for a year, insisted me to remain.

Yes, I did so . . . . . . . . . . . continued.

In this second year, I was provided with lots of opportunities to come out of the four walls and explore my talents. Talents day, Leadership Programme, Programme on love and friendship and all these were just fabulous.

To crown all these, was ‘Village Exposure Camp’ held at Mattu of Udupi. I made friendship with all the fellow campers, shared my feelings and so on. It had been a wonderful experience in my life. I can assure that no other programmes or camps can beat this one – ‘Halli Jeevan Shibira’.

Today, if I can write this much, if I can speak in the public then, ninety percent it’s because of YCS.

Long Live YCS . . .

- Ancita Oshin D’Souza

Udupi Diocese

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