Dioceses of Gulbarga
YSM Diocesan Level Meeting
Venue: St. Joseph’s High School Hall, Bidar. Dates: 13, January 2018.
Theme: “Peace in Family, Peace in Society”

Total no of Students participated: 126
Total no of schools: 6
Total no of animators: 12
Resource persons: 4






    At 10:00am the program was started with an interreligious prayer service by St Joseph’s School students, guest and resource person lighted the lamp and gave their messages.
    At 10:30am Mr. Ravi Kumar (Resource person, Bidar) who is a social activist spoke about “responsibility of Students”. He spoke about the daily activities of the students in the present generation and explained I what all the way that they can make use of their time productively, and how to be responsible towards their parents, school, family, and society. Students were asking clarification based on the session and it was an interactive session.
    At 11:00am Fr. Vargesh (Resource person, Bidar) started his session on Leadership. He made it very interesting by filling four water bottles and asked a volunteer to fill the bottles with water. Then again he asked for new volunteer to add cotton, sand, stones, sugar in each one of the bottle and explained each bottles as different kinds of leaders which we see in the society. He made his points very clear as well as meaningful. Then we also made a drama based on respect towards humans which again made students very interesting.
    At 12pm Mr.Ebin Navis (National Full-time volunteer) began his session on what is a cell life and how to use the methodology SEE-JUDGE-ACT. He divided the students in 15 groups along with the animators through an activity where student have to use their observing skills. Then every group had a small introduction. Students were asked to share their own daily problem(SEE) which they find hard to face. Students were given 20min to share. Later, they were given 20 min to analyse (JUDGE) how these problems were emerging and what the root cause for it. Soon after that students were given 20min to write the solutions (ACT) which was suggested by their friends.






    A1 1pm Mr. Kamal (Resource Person, Chennai) took a session on Review of life, about our inspirational founder ‘Cardinal Joseph Cardine’, Duties of YSM students. He share various examples which happened in his life which made him to think and come out his new, strong self.
    At 2pm Lunch was provided alone with the announcements.
    At 3pm,
    Soon after the lunch Break, Action Songs was conducted by the DEXCO members of Gulbarga Dioceses.
    Sr. Christine (Resource Person, Bidar) took a session on “PEACE IN FAMILY, PEACE IN SOCIETY”, Sr. Christine made very clear points on values of family and Importance of the values of the family. She also spoke about the reality on what’s happening in the family. She gave plenty of ideas to students on how to be a good agent of change to create a good family which leads a better society.
    At 3:30pm, the most waited cultural program began. Sr. Christine, Mr. Kamal Francis, Mr. Ebin Navis were the judges for the cultural event. There were two Programs which is Dance and Still Image. All the schools participated well with lot of energy.
    AT 4:30pm, concluding ceremony. DEXCO members, Resources persons, Diocesan animators, were asked to take their places on the stage. Fr, Clevan (Diocesan Chaplain) expressed his happiness of making this program a successful one. He also thanked the resource persons and other for making this program a successful one. Finally the Winner of the cultural competition and the best school of the day award was announced. Student was very happy to win the prizes and the program ended with YSM clap and Anthem.


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