All that matters in YCS/YSM is cell life. It is the foundation of our Movement. YCS/YSM cannot have life without cell. Our strength is our cell. Regular, Planned, Well-Conducted cell meeting results in strong unit.

To realize His plan of Liberation Jesus called and animated the twelve apostles. He revealed to them His power and plans. He gave them deeper experience. Inspite of various struggles He appointed them as executors of his Liberating Plan. The twelve apostles form the Jesus’s cell. Now we take the place of the Apostles as the cell-members. Unless we have the deeper cell experience we cannot be effective members or Animators or Chaplains.

In the cell the spirit that reveals, of understanding, of wisdom and courage is present. The cell is our burning bushes were God asks us to liberate his people. It has to be an annunciation experience to us. The cell is the school of Religions. We learn about Religions, we search the sacred scriptures. We recall the sayings of Saints and Holy People. All these put in a Sacred Ground.

The cell is the spring for the enlightened personality. The lives are shaped here. It is the mine of self confidence. It is the foundation of Leadership for social justice.

It is in the cell that one understands One’s own personality, one’s own strength, limitations. One begins to see oneself as a person of Self Actualization. The cell members, experience mutual understanding, acceptance, encouragement, trust, forgiveness and above all Love. We become Co-Searchers, Co-Workers. We experience Team Spirit.

We develop in cell meetings active, dynamic and pleasant interaction. We learn the art of listening, the art of organizing, the art of critical and systematic thinking. It enables us towards creative, original and concrete action.

The cell meeting dispels shyness, loneliness, suspicion, inferiority or superiority complexes.

The cell meetings should not be reduced to a mere dead formalism. It should not be dry activity. To avoid this team of leaders together with the Animator must plan the meetings well. Cell life is not confined to only Cell Meetings. It’s a process. It’s always there. Definitely it’s a struggle. We shouldn’t give up anything that is harder.

We seem to suffer today from the lack of cell-life. We do not want members in our Movement, We want quality of members.

Cell life is the HEART of the Movement. If the HEART fails the life ends. As we take care of our heart let’s take care of our cells.

By my insistence on cell life I am not undermining the other aspects of our Movement, namely, the field of Action. An enlightened cell, launches into the society for an effective and concrete action.

Today the Church speaks so much about the BCC (Basic Christian Communities), EC (Ecclesial Communities) SC (Small Communities) etc. When we take our cell life seriously we are already practicing what the church is trying to implement.

All of us on the Animation and Coordination Line, viz The Chaplains, Coordinators, Animators need cell life.

Lets Learn to Live as a Cell Member, grow as an enlightened person to change the society into the image of God.

Fr. Prakash Sagili
Former National Chaplain


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