It was a YSM meeting. Only 11 students turned up on that day. For the sharing, they decided to talk about their relationship and communication with their parents.

Nalini started, “I am fond of my father. I daily do my home work leaning on his chair. He may be reading some books or news paper. I ask clarification from him. When I got some doubts he guides me with love.” Nalini smiled with satisfaction.

“Your father is a teacher. Hence help you. But my father studied only up to 3rd Standard. So he cannot clarify my doubts. But I am attached to him. Though I am a twelfth standard girl, he allows me to sleep on his lap sometimes”, said Rosy.

Ravi Kumar showed his birth-day shirt and said,”My father worked almost one week of O.T . to get enough money to buy me this shirt. When I button this shirt, I experience the warmth of his love”. Eyes of Ravi Kumar were bright.

“I want my mother to comb my hair daily. I know to comb my hair. But everyday I wait for her. Because I feel the touch of my mother as precious. After combing my hair she gives a kiss on my fore head. It is an experience of heaven. I can study better with that kiss”, Shanthi gave a broad smile.

As each one shared their intimacy with their father and mother, Gracy who sat opposite to me began to cry. She was an Orphan girl, brought up by F.M.m.Convent. Between her sobbing, Gracy started, “I don’t know my father or mother. You all are lucky to enjoy the affection of your parents. But I feel empty.” Sisters had given her good education. Gracy was clever and scored good marks. She was beautiful and her dress was also was excellent. Sisters had given her even a golden chain for her neck. But her tears expressed the vaccum created by the absence of her parents in her life.

“We are sorry to hear you situation”, said Shoba, wiping the tears from the Cheeks of Gracy.

“No, no, I am not sorry to tell you the truth, I feel jealous” replied Gracy. “I am fully satisfied with your love and our sisters. I feel the warmth of affection in this YSM group. You give me more than enough love. That is why I look for the YSM friends and wait for the YSM meeting.

YSM cell provided Gracy love and security needed for her emotional growth. A word of appreciation, a smile, a tap on the shoulder, a reassuring touch of a cell member boosted her self confidence and built up her warm security base.

YSM cell must function as an intimate circle of friends to build up people.

Fr. M. C. Michael Menanparampil
Former National Chaplain.


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