Many meetings take place around the world. Some prove to be productive and some turn out to be failures. It all lies in the way the meeting is carried on. Before you call for a meeting, it is very important to analyze if the meeting is really necessary.

If you decide that a meeting really is needed, use the ‘six – P guide’ to help you through it.

Purpose, Participation, Preparation, Procedure, Performance and Post-mortem.

PURPOSE: Be absolutely sure in your mind about the purpose of the meeting. Consider the particular objectives what exactly the meeting intends to achieve.

PARTICIPATION: keep in mind the number of participants and the persons participating. Some times a smaller group can get things done faster.

PREPARATION: when fixing a time for a meeting, start by checking the availability of key members of the group. Then set a time which is likely to be convenient for the maximum members invited. The venue for the meeting needs to be decided. Planning the agenda for the meeting should be done with care. Don’t include too many objectives which are unnecessary.

PROCEDURE: the meeting is generally chaired by chair person or a convener. A set procedure should be followed for the successful working of the meeting.

PERFORMANCE: it should be taken care that all the members of the group take part in the discussion. No one should feel left out. Views of the minority should also be taken care of. Equal opportunity should be given to all the members present. When the agenda is done any other business matter could be discussed, and the meeting should come to an end.

POST-MORTEM: it’s the process of self-evaluation. Ask yourself question as to did the meeting cover every point of the agenda? Did you take constructive decision? Was the meeting held in a spirit of co-operation?

Conclude the meeting with a word of gratitude after you have worked on the action plan.

   I. Leo
    EXCO T.N

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