Jan.15, 2018:

And it was a good attempt….

    I am happy to share this experience which was totally an unexpected one which happened on 15th January 2018. I was here in the dioceses of Gulbarga in the month of January from 12th to 21st as a Diocesan visit from National Office as well as to attend 2 dioceses programs in two following Saturdays.


    Myself and Fr. Clevan (Diocesan Chaplain of Gulbarga) went to meet a Mr. Bahiam Bagwan Navale (73). He is Pioneer of 3 schools in Yermal, Osmanabad, Maharashtra. He is also a creative drawing artist where his drawing were documented by Government of India in 1980’s. He is also eligible to register himself in Indian Book of Records. My personal Observation upon this great person is his simplicity and this Ideas beyond Mind.

    When he was young he observed that his village people were having lot potential to do many things which may be a tool for the whole village to have a fast development but due to lack of education talents & skills of the youth in his village were getting wasted. And he can’t able to digest the fact that the resources are getting wasted in front of him. His inner soul was telling him all the time to do something.

    With lot of Courage he started to share his ideas to his village people and he began 3 school in Yermal Village which is in Osmanabad, Maharashtra. After few years of his initiative people got awareness from him. For example: We meet a Retired man from India Army, he said Mr. Bahiam Bagwan Navale was tool for him inguiding his career through education.

    Even though there was development, still the village need to have basic requirements for the people which means yet they have a long way to go. Coming back to my main sharing. Myself and Fr. Clevan had a good sharing about what is YSM, its history and showed our activities in a laptop and surprisingly Mr. Bahiam Bagwan Navale asked us if I take you our schools (Government Schools) can you start YSM there, he wanted his village children’s to be aware of what’s happening in the society. Myself & Fr. Clevan were happy to say yes.

    Next day Morning, he took us to his school. It was a very small school were 150 students were only there. Infrastructure of the school was very simple, just four walls and a small sheet roof. We meet the principal and other staff


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