Nadiad Gujarat, May 20 : The 4th NTA/EXCO meeting was held at pastoral centre, Nadiad, Ahmadabad Diocese, Gujarat on 18th and 19th may 2012. It was held in the same place where we had organized NSLTP and NATP. The meeting started at 11am with an inaugural Mass. Fr. Titus D’ Costa, the former youth director of Ahmadabad diocese was the main celebrant.

After the mass by lighting of the lamp Fr. Titus declared it open and formally inaugurated our meeting and NATP. 4 RYDs and 14 NTA/EXCO members and 1 Animator were present. Those were present the National Chairman Archbishop Leo Cornelio, the National Chaplain Fr. Charles Menezes, Fr. Ranjith, Sugandha Barla, Neelmani from Orissa, Fr.Philip and Alice from M&G, Jovita from Karnataka, Mohith Michael, Roseline and Anju from Bijhan, Laranzia from T.N., Jasica Robert and Jude Antony Augustine from Jhansi, U.P., Fr. Robin, Joyce John, Frank Russel from Kolkata, W.B. Sr. Agnes and Jenifer from N.E. Ciela from Goa and Leo Joseph from the National Office. RYDs from Karnataka, Goa, T.N., Northern, Bijhan, U.P., A.P, M.P, Chhattisgarh were absent for the meeting.

Report & Pics: Jovita D’ Souza, National Secretary, YCS/YSM India











Officially we started our meeting at 2.30pm with a prayer. Joyce john the National Convener welcomed those who were present and a special warm welcome was given to New NTA/EXCO’s of U.P., Bijhan and Goa. Jovita presented the report of last NTA/EXCO meeting. In the follow up of the report we were happy to know that we have successfully completed our following plans: IRSLTP for the region Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa was held at Seva Kendra, Sneha Dhara, Patna from 26-30 Jan 2012, IRSLTP for the region T.N. and A.P. was conducted from 15th to 19th Feb 2012 at Trichy, Tamilnadu, Rewriting or putting the new tune to our National anthem by Fr. Robin, Preparation of the revised and amended constitution of YCS/YSM India, Selection of the number of Delegates from each Region for NC, Appointment of new DYD for the diocese of Kolkata, National student leadership training programme at Nadiad, Gujarat, National animators Training programme at Nadiad, Gujarat.

We could not have national team meeting along with the national chairman as planned in the previous meeting. As decided in the last meeting to get few subscriptions from every region only Kolkata could get 10 subscription and Tamilnadu 7 subscriptions. Those who did not elect the REXCO’s and DEXCO have so far promised to elect them by the next NTA/EXCO Meeting.

In the introduction Fr. Charles said that Vilas from Karnataka, Valan from T.N, Cuthbert from N.E. informed him in advance that they would not make for this meeting, Since Angela from Jhansi has moved out from her place  and Francis could not take up the responsibility, they have nominated new EXCOs Jasica and Jude in their place. He welcomed the new NTA/EXCO’s. He stressed that the main agenda of the meeting is 16th National council, preparation of the council must be taken seriously, we all must know that it is our council and we are the ones who organize it. It was sad to note that only 4 RYD’s were present out of 12 which would make us difficult to take any decision regarding NC.

Then we moved on to regional reports. We were happy to note that all the regions present do their job excellently. Since Bijhan and Jhansi Excos were new, they were unable to present the report.

Soon after the tea break we had an inspiring talk on action oriented student leadership by Fr. Cedric Prakash S.J the director of PRASHANT, the Ahmadabad based Jesuit centre for Human rights, Justice and peace. He taught us the lesson on the story of eagle and tortoise. He explained the concept in a simple 7 A’s: Awareness, Articulation, Attitude, Analysis, Availability, Authenticity and Action. The person who has faith on himself, faith on others and faith on God can make the difference, he said. Believe that you can be the change you want to see. Hold the hands of others and allow others to hold your hands. Finally don’t wait for tomorrow but begin today. The day ended with the rosary lead by the animators.











2nd day started with a mass offered by our Chairman Bishop Leo Cornelio. Soon after breakfast all animators and NEXCO’s introduced themselves to Bishop. In his message he said that, “young people must take risk to reach out, the real risk is you can’t discover the new ocean unless you have courage to lose the sight of the shore”. Always look at the positive side and be conscious. Risking life for good cause is good but not for the bad one. There are two ways of facing the difficulties, either alter the difficulties for yourself or alter yourself for the difficulties. He continued, “Grow for yourself, form your own policy and be objective” Fr. Robin raised the question that how Bishop would like to enforce to start up YCS/YSM in more schools? For this Bishop replied that it has to be conviction and can’t be compulsion. Movement should grow within only then it flows. We have the problems of security which becomes barrier for the student to join any movement and it also depends on the fact that how do we convince them.

We started our 2nd day meeting based on the 16th National Council. Joyce John, the National Convener welcomed the chairman Archbishop Leo Cornelio. Everybody was given a copy of preparatory document of national council and worksheet for the preparation. First we discussed regarding the place of the 16th National council, decided earlier either Bethel - Shillong or DBI - Guwahati. Sr. Agnes briefed us regarding the expenses of both the places. Guwahati is a convenient place to host our council at D.B.I. which provides excellent facilities. Food and accommodation costs Rs.400 per student per day. Hall charges cost Rs.8000 per day from 9am to 5pm. But since our program goes up to 10pm we may have to pay them extra charges and that is quite expensive. Shillong is a quiet and good place but it takes a long time to reach the venue. Students have to travel nearly 6 hrs from Guwahati. When all this confliction arises Joyce said that there is place called Krishnagar in Kolkata, which is quite cheap and suitable for our program. But Fr. Charles and few EXCOS suggested that it would be better if N.E hosts it. It will be a different experience for all us to have a journey towards N.E. Alice and Jovita said that we must also keep in mind that always students from N.E. travel so far to attend the programs and they come in a large number. This time let us take the trouble to travel to NE. Sr. Agnes said that, she would suggest Bethel, Badapani as the most suitable place to host our council which requires 2 hour journey from Guwahati. Bishop in his opinion said that it would be better if National chaplain along with few of Excos go to N.E. and finalize the venue. We decided that Fr. Charles, Joyce and Jovita would go to Guwahati and Bethel by the end of June and finalize the venue.

After the tea break we discussed on the theme of the National Council. The theme which we decided in the previous meeting was, “Students’ education in the hour of Interculturality and religious pluralism”. Laranzia suggested that it would be easy to understand if the theme is drawn into simple words. After a long discussion, we came to the conclusion that the theme would be “Students’ Education in the Modern Era” and the thrusts are Interculturality, religious diversity and universal culture of love and life. Fr. Charles said that this is not the final theme rather anybody can suggest the theme within 6 months prior to the National Council and the council will finalize it.

Then we had discussion of the students’ participation from each region for the National council. Many suggested having the participants based on the unit or strength of the region. But few people felt that would not work in those regions which have least number of units and less number of students. Leo Joseph said that it would be better if we have 5 students from those regions where YCS/YSM is less than 5 dioceses. If any region has YCS/YSM in more than 5 dioceses, those regions will get one student representatives each from every diocese. Joyce stressed that delegates must prepare themselves well before they attend the National council and NEXCO are responsible for it.

We had a glance on the schedule of the 16th national council. Joyce suggested having the evolution of the new theme and deepening of the study theme after the study and amendments to constitution. Each day of the council is allocated to a region for the liturgy and cultural activity. Some suggested few changes in the day’s theme. We then discussed the work sheet for preparation on NTA/EXCO. Fr. Charles formed 4 committees and distributed students in each of them.

Finance for the 16th National council was the important aspect of the meeting. A big question was how to raise the funds. Fr. Charles said that Rs.10 collection from each student member and Rs.10 donation coupons for others may be the good source of funds. This work must be done very seriously or else it is difficult to have a successful council. N.E. must try its level best since we are having it in their region, there is greater scope for it, he said. All were happy to know that Bishop promised Rs.50, 000 for NC. Bishop also suggested that expenses on preparatory meeting could be put under formation funds.






Meeting continued in the noon with the clarification of YCS/YSM status in the CBCI Office for Youth. Fr. Charles said we are sad that office for youth neither asks for our report nor invites us for the meetings and we notice that projects of ICYM include our programs in their proposals.

Jovita raised the question that how often youth commission meeting takes place? Why we are not invited for it. Bishop in his reply said that ICYM and YCS Directors must have mutual understanding and there is no particular time for youth commission meetings. He accepted our proposal of inviting us for the Youth commission meeting i.e. having a meeting of YCS and ICYM Councils at least once in a year, so that we have a good understanding. Joyce inquired about the status of YCS/YSM in office for youth, where ICYM and YCS both are equal part of it. Bishop in his reply said that YCS/YSM is the one which went away from them and stayed independently. Joyce said we want to be with youth commission, let’s forget the past and work for the future. Bishop asked us to write all our concerns and send it to him. After a long discussion on all these issues we moved on to new draft YCS Constitution.

Bishop suggested a few corrections regarding diocesan and regional team of animators. Fr. Charles said that a draft of the constitution will be sent to the regions soon and after going through the draft any amendments and suggestions should reach to the National Office 6 month prior to the council. He asked us to suggest the amendments before we come for the next NTA/ EXCO meeting.

Joyce thanked all the NTA/EXCOS and RYDS for taking so much trouble and having come for this meeting. A special thanks to Archbishop who came for our meeting and stayed with us one whole day, spent his precious time for us in his busy schedule. A special thanks to our dear Chaplain Fr. Charles Menezes and Leo Joseph who takes so much trouble to arrange for our meetings on time. Archbishop expressed his happiness over this meeting and promised to spend more time in the next NTA/Exco meeting.


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