Back to the Root   

  • The NTA/EXCO couldorganise programmes where formers YCSers gather to share experiences in national programmes.
  • The former YCSers be called as resource persons in panel discussions, seminars, workshops, etc., to animate participants in programmes.
  • The NEXCO could organise an exhibition on the history on the evolution of YCS-YSM. (for whom and where)
  • The NTA and EXCO shall visit all the dioceses in their respective regions, with prior information to their directors where ever applicable.
  • The National Office shall bring out the revised edition of the testimonies.
  • Initiate/revive the regions where YCS/YSM Movement is inactive.

Media and Me

  • The NTA/EXCO could organise sessions on themes like: ‘Internet Privacy’; ‘Cyber Security and Crime’; ‘Plagiarism’; etc. at the National Level
  • The NTA/EXCO could write to local newspapers, YCS/YSM website, social networking sites and other magazines in regard to media.
  • The National Office could organise workshop for office bearers on media

Human Dignity

  • The NT could organise training programmes, seminars, workshops and symposiums for RYDs, DYDs, animators and student leaders on ‘Restoring Human Right and Dignity’.
  • The NT and National Office could prepare a resource book on ‘Restoring Human Rights’ and‘Media’ to be used during the academic calendar and other sessions for students/animators.

General POA

  • Dedicating a special column in the ‘Search Magazine’ that cater to the thrust of the year and encourage more members to write in that particular column.


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