DATES: 13th - 15th of August 2016

VENUE: St.Antony's Church,Kuntalnagar,Udupi.


Day 1: 13th August 2016

The first day started with the arrival and the registration of NEXCO’s. There were fourteen participants:

  • National Chaplain: Fr. Chetan Machado
  • National Coordinator: Mr. Midrash M.
  • National President: JesvitaQuadras [Kar]
  • National Secretary: Rachel Patricia [TN]
  • National Treasurer: Jeris Joseph [UP]
  • Search Editor: Natasha Louis [W. Bengal]
  • Liturgy Secretary: Mary Roshini [MP]
  • NEXCO: Xavier Dias [Goa]
  • NEXCO: Clacious Rodrigues [Karnataka]
  • NEXCO: Vanshika Paul [Northern]
  • RYD: Fr. Alex [Madhya Pradesh]
  • EX-DYD: Fr. Peppin [West Bengal]
  • Animator: Mr. Ausfin Dias[Goa]
  • Animator: Mr. Kamal Francis


NEXCO live in programme began with an exposure visit to following places:

We visited the newly constructed St. Francis Xavier Church, Udayavara, Udupi. Our former NEXCO member Ms Rosalia’s parish. From there we went to Stella Maris Shrine, Kalmady. Fr. Alban prayed for all the NEXCO’s. We also went to Malpe beach on our way to Fr. Denis D’sa’s family. From here we went to Mount Rosary Church & Milagres Church, Cathedral of Udupi diocese and visited Most Rev Leo Cornelio’s (Former chairman bishop) family. After refreshing we came back to Udupi and visited the youth commission office and went back to the venue.

After a sumptuous lunch we got ready for the inaugural Mass. Fr. Chetan Machado celebrated the Holy Eucharist. Fr. Edwin, Fr. Alex and Fr. Peppin concelebrated. After the entrance hymn all the priests and Ms Jesvita Quadras lit the lamp to inaugurate the National Live In programme 2016. During his homily, Fr. Chetan explained to the congregation about YCS/YSM and its significance.

After the Mass we paid a quick visit to Karnataka Regional YCS/YSM President Ms. Hazel's Home. After spending some time there we proceeded to Fr. Charles Menezes’ residence (IYCS International Chaplain). At his place we had a cell meeting. All the NEXCO members were asked to share their experiences being National leaders of YCS/YSM. Everyone in the gathering expressed their part in YCS/YSM. They also explained how the movement has changed their lives by being an identity for them as students.

Fr. Peppin and Fr. Alex shared their experiences with the members - on how to change self and change others to live as a good community and to grow YCS/YSM in the church. Mr. Ausfin shared his experience based on the methodology of YCS/YSM. ..SEE JUDGE ACT. Fr. Alex shared his experience being a member of YCS/YSM – helps in knowing the reality; it guides every individual to live a meaningful life.

He also said that "Change Self-Change Others" based on the theme helping students in participating in their church movement. Fr. Peppin said that being the members of YCS/YSM we should have a sacrificial thought to each other. Accept the duties of each other and to be responsible towards it.


Fr. Chetan urged the members to take this movement seriously and do their part to bring some change in the society. He also explained the importance of their role in the movement and asked the NEXCOs to explain their vision in making God's Kingdom come true in reality through YCSYSM being a National leader.


He explained about YVS/YSM Vision of building God's Kingdom. He also asked all the National team members and the NEXCO members to explain their vision in building God's Kingdom. The evaluation of the day was discussed and reported with the guidance of Fr. Chetan. All the NEXCO members were asked to share their views to evaluate on the basis of YCS/YSM methodology SEE JUDGE ACT. Ms. Mary Roshini came forward to share her experience of participating in the exposure visit. She also said that she would try to start five new units of YCS/YSM in her region. Ms. Jesvita Quadras also expressed her desire to visit parishes to introduce YCS/YSM units. Cell meeting concluded with a prayer.

After the cell meeting we had a short prayer lead by Fr. Reginald. We spent some time with Fr. Charles’ mother and went back to the venue for dinner.

After dinner, a short meeting to prepare for the following days Eucharistic Celebration was held. All the NEXCO members with Fr. Chetan and Mr Midrash gathered for the evaluation of the day and the day concluded with a short prayer by Mary Roshni at 10:30 pm. 


Day 2: 14th August 2016

The day began with the Holy Eucharist in Konkani at St. Antony’s Shrine Kuntalnagar, Udupi.

After the Holy Eucharist, all gathered for the first session at 9am. NEXCO’s shared their plan of action.

1. Ms. Jesvita Quadras: wants to visit parishes and the dioceses [schools] to expand the movement. She wants to be an "Awakener” of the movement and get more and more students involved in the activities of the movement.

2. Ms. Rachel Patricia: wants to create a change in the lives of young people through Faith and Belief. Being a young student, she wants to create a change [to be a "Change Maker"] in every youngsters’ life by making them believe -WHO THEY ARE and WHAT THEY CAN DO IN BUILDING GOD'S KINGDOM through faith.

3. Mr. Jeris Joseph: wants to be genuine and to spread equality among people. He wants to be helpful to the people and to stand against "Discrimination".

4. Ms. Natasha Louis: Her aim is to accept the free gift of the Lord to change people. She wants to make people enjoy the gift of "Feeling of Belonging" she wants to make people know their value of life and to make them sure that they use it.

5. Ms. Mary Roshni: Her aim is to work hard and to become a humble person in the work that she undertakes.

6. Ms. Vanshika: Her aim is to be "United" even in the hardships of the movement and working together as a team.

7. Mr. Xavier: His aim is to help today’s youngsters "Against Drug Addiction" and the challenges faced by them.

8. Mr. Clacious: His aim is to lead the movement in discipline and against Corruption.


All the NEXCO members shared their aim, which followed a small tea break.

The meeting resumed at 11:15am. Fr. Chetan explained the spirituality of the movement. He also explained the present day reality region by region. The problems faced by each of the NEXCOs were also discussed during the meeting. At 2pm all departed for lunch.

In the afternoon we visited a few YCS units and interacted with them. We visited the following units:

1. Zonal ICYM Programme at Kanajar: All the ICYM members of the zone greeted the NEXCO members and welcomed them. The story of the Good Samaritan was acted out. Fr. Edwin introduced the NEXCO. Fr. Chetan gave a short message on this occasion.

2. From Kanajar we went to one of the famous Jain temples and the statue of Gomateshwara.

3. Thereafter, we spent some time at the YCS unit of St. Lawrence Basilica, Attur:

The YCS members of the church explained the history of the church and about the miracles of St. Lawrence.

Later all the NEXCOs and the YCS members of St.Lawrence church had an interactive session.

4. From Attur we visited YCS unit members of St. Joseph’s Church, Belman:

All the NEXCO members and YCS unit members had a self-introductory interactive session.

5. Finally, we also visited our National Chaplains home:

Fr. Peppin lead all the NEXCO members and the gathering to a small prayer and Followed by a small break at 8 pm.

In the evening there was an interactive session with the local YCS unit. All the YCS members and NEXCO members joined up for small gathering followed by some action songs. Mr. Roshan, former NEXCO lead all into some group dynamics and ice breaking sessions. Mr. Ausfin also conducted a few group dynamics. After this interactive session dinner was served to all and students continued their interaction during the meal.

At 10 pm all the NEXCO members and Fr. Chetan gathered for the evaluation of the day. The day was overall evaluated under the Review of Life of YCS/YSM – SEE, JUDGE & ACT. The meeting continued in preparing for the next day’s Eucharistic Celebration and Independence Day celebration. The meeting concluded with prayer by Miss Mary Roshni.


Day 3: 15th August 2016

The last day of our Live-in programme started with the mass celebrated by Fr. Edwin D'Souza – Diocesan Youth Director of Udupi diocese. Fr. Alex preached in Hindi and spoke about great sacrifice made by our leaders to give us freedom. He also spoke about how our Heavenly Mother is always there to protect us. He also explained about the movement which gives a unique identity for students. All the NEXCOs renewed their promise and took oath with new team spirit and new responsibility. All the NEXCOs offered prayers of the faithful in their own language.

After the Holy Eucharist all the NEXCO’s along with the parishioners gathered for the flag hoisting ceremony. Fr. Chetan along with Parish Council vice president and secretary hoisted the flag and gave a short message.

At 9:20am, all gathered for the meeting:

The meeting started with a prayer service conducted by Ms. Roshni. After a formal welcome by the President, the secretary read out the agenda. The agenda was passed by Fr. Chetan and following points were discussed.

The programs and events discussed:

1. Animators Training Program

Dates: September1st-7th 2016

Venue: USM Indore

No.of Participants: 16 -18 members [2 from each region]

Registration Fee: ₹ 4200/- (After subsidy ₹ 2200/-)


2. National Student Leadership Training Program[NSLTP]


Dates: October1st-7th 2016

Venue: Hyderabad or [Vijayawada/Goa]

No.of participants: 45 delegates [7 from each region]

Registration Fee: ₹ 200/-[per individual]



Dates: October 9th-16th 2016

Venue: Nagpur (Odisha/Gwalior)

No. of Participants: 45 delegates [7 from each region]

Registration Fee: ₹ 200/-[per individual]


3.NT/NEXCO -Meeting

Dates:December 28th and 29th 2016



4. National Convention- Venue: Kolkata

After some clarifications to the above dates were confirmed and it was decided that for the next meeting we need to have the entire team of NTA and EXCO. Rachel proposed vote of thanks.

The Participants once again gathered to discuss the Action Plan and see how to implement this. This plan was prepared during the council and now it is the time for the NEXCO to implement this plan. A copy of the plan was given to each member to suggest ways to implement the plan.

Fr. Chetan said that the NTA/NEXCOS should visit all the dioceses in their respective regions with prior information to their directors. This will help us to expand our movement and build a good rapport with the DYD’s and RYD’s.

During the closing ceremony, Jesvita thanked Fr. Edwin for all the wonderful arrangements and she thanked everyone who made this live in programme a success. Fr. Edwin addressed the NEXCO’s and reminded them about five paths of YCS/YSM. Fr. Chetan also thanked Fr. Edwin and all the parishioners of St. Anthony’s Church, Kuntalnagar. He also thanked all the animators, directors for their presence and guidance. Fr. Peppin and Fr. Alex also expressed their appreciation. After this Ms Rachel proposed the vote of thanks and the National Live-in programmed concluded by singing YCS/YSM anthem.




-          Rachel Patricia (National Secretary) & Fr. Chetan Machado (National Director)


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