Oct 29, 2017: Karnataka Regional team of students REXCO meeting was held in Fransalian Ashram Harmony Belgavi on 29th October 2017. 8 REXCO’s were participated in the meeting. The meeting started at 9 o'clock.

The meeting started by a prayer song, and own prayer was by Alister. Enosh welcomed all the gatherings and the chief guest of the programme was Mr. Sunjay from Belgavi Diocese. Jesvita National President, Ebin National volunteer were also present with us.




All the REXCO self introduced to the guest. Mr. Sunjay introduced himself to the REXCO team. He told us he was a part of YCS, from Karwar diocese, to show YCS/YSM to the whole Karnataka region, Mangalore diocese was performing well through the past years. YCS/YSM is not a small movement and need to be very serious about this movement. He also shares his experience in YCS journey. Sonia expressed her words of gratitude.

All the members participated in the Holy Eucharist celebration. We all left to the lunch. Soon after the lunch we started to discuss the action plan when and where it should be performed.

They are as follows:

1. Start YCS units in all dioceses /by the end of April May 2018 /by REXCO/by speaking to bishop, visits to diocese-spoken to bishops, printings of brochures and handbook - Enosh Nov 1st week letter to the bishops by the secretary (Chikmangluru - Alister)

2 CAP promotion - included in the invitation sent to the bishops and to coordinate with the CAP National office, through diocesan programmes, registering YCS into CAP

2. 2nd Regional convention 2018 Oct Shivmoga/Mangalore (cultural, rally) seminar on social media, debate, awareness on political participation, IRD, raising fund decide by the end of 2017 - vennue and date – follow up by the president

3. Village Exposure (April 2019) in collaboration with the diocese of Belgum, Chikmangluru and Gulbarga

4. RSLTP & RALTP (15th and 16th September, 2018) (visiting reach-out program)

6. YCS/YSM retreat in collaboration with Shivmoga diocese

7. Regional YCS/YSM bulletin once in a year - Enosh – by August 2018 (letter to be sent by December)

8. Starting YCS/YSM Alumni (December 30th Udupi / Mangalore -reunion of the former members of the movement) secretary president.

9 Study Exposure May 2019 North East, Meghalaya, Dargiling, Gangtok

NSLTP and thanked us all for inviting him for the meeting. We ended-up the meeting at 5 pm by a silent prayer. The next meeting was decided to be held in Udupi/Mangalore after deciding with the DYD.


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