Report : Fr. Ronald Veigas, Shimoga


From 22-25 April 2017 "Village Exposure Camp" was organised by the Youth Commission of Shimoga at Thirthahalli. Villages are precious assets of our country. Life in the villages is clean, serene and sincere. Ever flowing clean water, fresh oxygen healthy food and peaceful life is all a human being can crave for is freely available in the villages. More than ever before the younger generation today needs to explore the riches that are hidden in the villages.

YCS/YSM is a student movement inspired by Cardinal Joseph Cardijn from Belgium which is wide spread all over world today.  Its aim is “Building a new Society” and Objective is Change Self – Change Others The methodology is Awareness – Reflection – Action – Evaluation (See – Judge – Act)






Village exposure is a student related exposure camp involves, inspires and evolves an individual to a personal metanoia, helps an individual to have an attitudinal change towards life, thought and spirituality.

The four day long village exposure camp unlike any other camp engrosses the students through YCS/YSM methodology through village mundane life like cleaning the cow shed, milking the cow, collecting fire wood, gathering dry leaves for cow shed, manuring the vegetable garden, cleaning coconut/Areca nut farms etc (Awareness).






After each work there was a evaluation to reflect on their attitudes, getting in touch with their feelings and emotions and further to deepen the reflections there were input sessions on student related issues like awareness on Pancahyat Raaj by Mr. Vincent D’Mello, How to build a new society by Vithasha Ria (Muddhu), Religiosity and Spirituality by Fr. Roman Pinto, My Life Journey in YCS by Roshan Lobo, Taize Prayer service by Fr. Ronald Veigas and Rights of Children by Fr. Richard Pais.

There was Holy Eucharist presided over by Most. Rev. Dr. Francis Serrao and his motivational talk inspired the participants. Inter religious prayer services made the students to feel that they all belong to One God. And finally a street play on ‘Swatchatha Andholan’ in the Thirthahalli city was acted. The entire program was designed by the Youth Commission of the Diocese of Shimoga under the leadership of Fr. Ronald Veigas and his DEXCO team.











For more info Link : Village Exposure Camp



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