Dioceses of Gulbarga – Unit Visit
Venue: St. Joseph High School, Bidar (Unit)
Date: 16, January 2018

Total no of Students participated: 45

    The cell meeting started at 11:30 am along with the Animators & Fr. Clevan (Diocesan Chaplain). Mr. Ebin Navis from National office gave a short introduction about the History and explained how to conduct the cell meeting.






    Along with a small activity students were divided in their cells. Mr. Ebin Navis asked how frequent their read or listen to news channels/ newspapers. Hardly students raised their hands. Mr Ebin said the importance of being updated. He also said the happy news that our ozone layer in slowly getting recovered from its holes which was a base for the students to discuss in the cellmeetings.

    Students were asked to discuss in what all the ways we can be an agent to protect our environment which became as a (SEE) awareness part. After 15min of the discussion students shared their experience about the thing that they were observing around their school and their home.

    Followed by that during the (Judge) reflection part, students were sharing How & why these kind of habits which were into practise which affects the environment. And (Judge) reflection part took 20 min.

    Followed by that (ACT) action part, where students shared what they are going to do to change their environment. Every one framed their own action plan which they can follow it easily. For example: Not to burning waste instead disposing it properly.

    After the cell meeting Fr. Clevan (Diocesan Chaplain) thanked every student, Animators, school principal and Ebin Navis for Cooperating. And the day ended with YSM clap.

Dioceses of Gulbarga – Unit Visit
Venue - Divya Jyothi High School (Unit)
Date -17 January 2018

Total no of Students participated: 35

    Our Cell meeting started with Prayer song organized by the YSM students, the team welcomed Fr. Clevan (Diocesan Chaplain) and Mr. Ebin Navis from YCS/YSM National Office. Fr. Clevan gave a short message based on how he got motivated by the children’s and he expressed his love towards the movement. He welcomed Ebin Navis to start his session.






    Mr. Ebin Started his session with a group activity. He asked all the students to construct a line using any object within the given time in their own groups, after the activity Mr Ebin collected all the learning points from student’s experience. Soon after the activity Mr. Ebin Narrated the history is YSM in Brief. Meanwhile students were highly responsive towards the resource person.

    Mr. Ebin asked how many feel that they are a responsible citizen of our country, every one said yes so he again asked to list out the social problems which they sensed next to their living area. Every group came up saying list of things happening next to their home so they were asked to discuss why and how this social problems taking places, which became as a (SEE) awareness part.

    After 20 min of a good sharing, students were asked to reflect upon how? Why? These social problems are taking places. these which became (Judge) part. This made the discussion deeper… After 25 min of discussion Students were asked to frame a personal action which will make them an agent of change to stop the small social problem which they have shared in their cell. Students wrote a personal action plan as well.

    After the cell meeting Fr. Clevan Thanked Divya Jyothi school principal and the animators for doing great job by making the movement alive in the school. The Visit ended with YSM clap.

Dioceses of Gulbarga – Unit Visit
Venue - Gnana Priya High School, Basavakalyan (Unit)
Date -18 January 2018

Total no of Students participated: 37

    The YSM orientation started with a prayer by Fr. Clevan (Diocesan Chaplain). Followed by that Mr. Ebin Navis Started his Session. He Gave a Brief introduction about the History of the movement. Followed by that the methodology of the movement was explained to them. Mr. Ebin Navis shared about the importance of having a strong self. He asked them to close their eyes and take a deep meditation, he asked them to recall all the good qualities which they have and asked them to recollect it from their memories. And students felt good they realised they are good and many felt positive about them self. He were asked to (SEE) get aware of themselves.






    Soon after the group sharing students were asked to imagine In future what kind of role model they have to become. Student started to (Judge) reflect upon their self and discussed their own views upon their future dreams about their self under the guidance of their animators.

    After 20 min of Sharing Mr. Ebin Navis explained the third methodology (ACT) Action Plan and the purpose of it. Student were interested to frame their own action plans. He guided how to make an (ACT) action plan and gave few guidelines as well. Finally volunteered students came to the stage to read out their action plan which was motivation other students.

    Animators said they will conduct cell meetings once in every week, YSM meeting concluded with YSM clap & a Group Picture.

Dioceses of Gulbarga – Unit Visit
Venue - Holy Cross School, Santput (Unit)
Date - 19th January 2018

Total no of Students participated: 29

    Our YSM program started with an Opening prayer at 10 a.m. by Fr. Clevan Diocesan Chaplain) and introduced Mr. Ebin Navis who is from YCS/YSM National Office. Fr. Clevan welcomed all the students and animators for the orientation.




    This is the first time the school is started the YSM unit so Fr. Clevan Briefed about the History of the Movement, What is a cell, Role of the animators, Methodology of YSM, Activities that can be done in their school from YSM.

    After an hour of Fr. Clevan’s session, Mr. Ebin Navis separated the students in groups through an activity. Since the students are frm Kanada medium school all the messages said by Mr. Ebin Navis was immediately translated by Fr. Clevan. After forming groups students were given various topic namely: Our School, My Role Model, about my best friend.

    Students were asked to share their best thing about their school, students were asked to share the best quality of their friend, students were asked to share their best qualities from their Role Model and Mr. Ebin Navis asked them to think and see beyond while discussing the (SEE) awareness part.  

    After 30 min of their sharing, students were asked to think how do their role model came to that position, In what all the ways that they can utilize the resources provided by the school, what are the learning things that they have gained from their best friend which became their (JUDGE) reflection part.

    After 20 min of their discussion, Mr. Ebin Navis Explained about (ACT) Action plan. Based on the group’s discussion all the students took one small basic action plan which will be possible for them to follow it. He also said if they feel hard to follow their action plan they can also edit their action plan in their next cell meeting.

    Fr. Clevan also gave many guidelines to the animator based on how to take their unit forward. With all the smiles in their faces the program concluded with YSM clap and a photoshoot.

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