Dec 20, 2017:

By : Ebin Navis, YCS/YSM India


Date: 17 – 21 December 2017

Venue: Inspiration Joypur Kharghuli, Guwahati, Assam.

Day 2 : 18-Dec-2017

         The day started with the inter-religious prayer followed by the Holy Mass celebrated by Bishop. John Moolachira archbishop of Guwahati diocese. During the holy mass Bishop gave the homily taking the advent season as the main topic and reflected deeply upon the birth of Jesus, meaning of Christmas and asked us not to fear but to pray he also asked us to learn something from the life of Jesus, followed by his facilitation by the national chaplain. A group photograph was clicked and the all departed for breakfast. Soon after the breakfast, students were divided into groups.

         Then we all departed to visit Snehalaya an orphanage. Fr. Thaddeus director of Snehalaya welcomed us. Orphanage boys entertained all the YCS/YSMers with their perfect moves. We met children of Snehalaya and interacted with the children their and every group taught some action song, played games with those children. They showed us their rooms, dining hall, study halls, playing area, terrace etc. They also shared their stories, hobbies, aims with us and clicked group photographs and to the cathedral church all prayed and received blessings and after this we had our lunch at 12:30pm.






         After lunch we went to Kalakshetra museum where all of us observed the cultures, dresses, instruments, monuments, statues, houses of different diocese and returned back at 3:45pm. We were given half an hour break to freshen up. At 4:30pm we started with some animation and all the groups went to prepare the presentation.

         At 6:30 session 1 took place which was taken by Fr. John Barman, MSFC, Regional youth i/e of Fransalian youth federation. With his powerful voice and through some animated videos he made us understand the meaning of LIFE, respect and dignity towards life and the value of life. He also taught us the difference between love, money and attitude. Soon after that we went for supper.

         After having supper animation took place and soon all the groups presented their reports of Snehalaya, Cathedral church and Kalakshetra in very creative ways through charts, sketches and slideshow presentations, and at the end we had an evaluation by all the groups, and concluded the day with a night prayer.

         Before going to the bed all the REXCOs and NEXCOs had their day evaluation.










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