Venue: Pastoral centre, Nagpur. Dates: 17 to 21 November.
Theme: "Agents of Connectivity"

Day 3 - 19.11.2017:

    Our Day started with the celebration of Holy Eucharist celebration. Mass was conducted by Fr. Chetan Machado. The main theme of the mass was that ‘’we have to be ready for each and every thing that is going to happen’’. After the breakfast, Activities were conducted by Suman and Sanjita which made everyone to begin the day with lot of energy.



     At 09:00 am, Fr. Chetan had his session on the topic “how to become the agents of connectivity”, he also made them to understand that we are the agents who can bring changes in our society. The three D’s werethe tool for this session “how to become the agents of connectivity” namely Discipline, Dedication, Determination. He explained every D in a brief manner. He also taught how to use this 3 D’s in our daily life. He also gave the example regarding his own personal life. This session was concluded by a small interaction where delegated cleared their clarification.

    At 12:00pm, second part of the session began with an activity called Appointment Game. In this game we learnt about the importance of time. Then Fr. told us about the problems faced by the youths of the present time, followed by that father showed motivational videos by Nick Vujicic & other video’s. He told that we are the hope for the society so we should start working our society.



    After the session they broke for lunch following which Fr. Chetan completed his previous session pointing towards the importance and significance of leadership in our lives. Further on they had a coffee break which was followed by a cell meeting which shed light on the hierarchy of the movement and the different levels it works at.

    At 5:00 pm, a session was conducted by Sr. Philo, who stressed on the movements methodology, SEE JUDGE & ACT, and showed them how it relates and applies to our lives. She also made them play a game which depicted some of the leader’s qualities, along with the lessons they learnt they also had a enjoyable time for themselves.

    At 7:00 pm all had an evaluation for the day, later on which was also accompanied with preparation for the cultural night.

    At 8:00 pm all had their dinner, Melwyn Titus a former Nexco also joined them, after dinner they had a short show put up by themselves, action songs, dances and a skit on the ‘Prodigal Son’, the day ended with a prayer and all dispersed.


- By Ebin Navis (National Volunteer)


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