Venue: Pastoral centre, Nagpur. Dates: 17 to 21 November.
Theme: "Agents of Connectivity"

Day 2: 18.11.2017

    Our day started with Holy Mass by 07:30 a.m., followed by our breakfast, Juile Anthony and Frankline conducted Warmup Activities. Fr. Sebastian (Diocesan Youth Chaplain) came to visit the delegated and gave a short message on “the ladder of success”. He explained different level in the ladder which includes many ways of planning, ways to implement the methodology SEE JUDGE ACT.



    By 09:30 a.m., Fr. Chetan Machado took the second session of NSLTP based on Why do I want to become an Agent of Connectivity? (JUDGE). He showed the pervious NSLTP videos where delegates were interacting with families who were living in slum areas and made the students to recognise the present reality of the unequalised society. Students were given 20 min break to evaluate what they learned in the first part of the session.

    In second part of the session took place by 11:30, Fr. Chetan Machado showed 2 video’s on review on life, he asked the students regarding video and what all the thing they observed in it. Father explaining about the content of the video and also explained, related, compared it to our life through Methodology SEE JUDGE ACT. After this session delegates tasted a tasty food.

    At 02:00 p.m., Juile Anthony, Anupiya & Glen and conducted Group dynamics and outdoor activities for one hour and they brought out all the energy out from the delegates.



    By 03:00, Fr. Alexander Jesudasan came up with his session Why & How to frame a Self-policy and Importance of having a Self-Policy. He showed videos related with one’s self, Hard work, struggle’s to bring one’s talent out, leader’s quality of leading others, unity and power of youth. This video made a great impact among students in the perspective of JUDGE. He also told that a person should have his own identity, If one person don’t have any identity then he is of no use and he also asked the delegates to bring any object from outside; asked the qualities of that object which leaded to result to bring out the delegate’s self-qualities. Delegates were guided to create their own self policies for their life,through self-identification, acceptance of one self, following a leader, becoming a leader, setting an example for others, judging one’s self a student can have self-policy. Followed by that tea break was held.

    By 04:30, after the tea break students had a group warmup dance. Followed by that Fr. Alexander Jesudasan begin with second part of his session. He tuned delegates mind with a video which deals with review of life. He also added his reflection on ‘importance of Self policy. The students are helped to reflect on why we are in YCS/YSM, and participating in NSLTP. The focus is every student should have a system in his or her life to change oneself and others through personal judgment of the life reality as well as reality of the society.

    By 06:00, Fr. Chetan Machado gave instruction to the delegated regarding the group evaluation and delegates were send to have a deep evaluation of both the days.

    After Dinner, we all gathered at 09:00 for the cultural celebration in group wise were delegated were divided in 4 groups. Juile Anthony and Glen were animating the four groups. The cultures were simply rocking. Followed by that Fr. Chetan started the evaluation of Day 1 and Day 2. Every Delegate was forward and shared their experience and expressed their inner change which they have undergone. The participants was active and made their sharing in a brief manner, after the evaluation session.


- YCS/YSM India Team.


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