Everything in this world, begins with a dream,
People dream and dream to achieve;
They try their best to seek it, they can't
Because they are confused to plan it.

Walking towards success makes you shine,
It is only done when people think it is mine!
Every thought of every dream is a reality,
It is a stage to prove your ability.

The word which makes you achieve,
Is the same word which shows your achievement!
Step your foot, forward to run,
Believe yourself to feel the fun.

Goal is to prove your will,
It never shows you null.
It is a feel of fire,
Staying inside you to catch your desire.

Find your treasure; Grow to blossom;
Sow your talent;Reap your success;
Whatever you are,Be the best,
Trust in God alone to fullfill the rest!

- Raichel Patricia
  National Secretary 2017
  YCS YSM India


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