We all joined YCS with no idea,
Strangers all around, no mingling!
This did not last very long,
YCS moulded all of us as one.

Friends, fun and frolic!!
Do you think we ever thought of home?
Learning to live together,
Experiencing the feeling of sharing,
To understand one another,
And looking forward for more!

It is not just degrees, state ranks that make life,
Our resumes are surely different from the others.
We look at life much beyond all this,
We have learnt to be leaders for ourselves,
Organizing sessions, camps and workshops,
Managers of our own days, not being ruled by anyone but with our own experience!

Healthy relationships, counselors for one another,
Doctors for each other, pills for our own ups and downs,
Longing to meet as frequently as possible,
Madness to the skies and happiness to the end.

Our folks trust us, animators encourage us,
Students cooperate with us, chaplain guides us.
Proud to be one group, happy to be together.
Pleased to work together with a leader,
Growing as one family of YCS, living as friends,
This is now and for the times to come!!!

The College Cell; Hyderabad
(Emmanuel, Lydia, Allen, Malaica, John, Patrick, Sravanti, Manasa, Ashish, Reshma and Radhe Shyam)

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