The silence of the forest, the echo of the trees,
The whispers as the winds blow, just as you please!
I swirl round and round and look to the sky,
Through the tall branches, I see the clouds float by.

Can I be dreaming or am I just in a spin?
The peace that is before me, a chill upon my skin;
As I walk, the leaves rustle beneath my feet,
Sending little notes of joy, a melody to beat.

I can only stop, stare and keep the memory mine,
The forest has its mystery and I must keep in line;
I will sit beneath the tree and listen to the sound,
So many different messages are scattered all around.

The whistle of the wind rushing past my face,
Looking for the exit, so it can leave this place,
The branches sway and the leaves begin to fall,
I can hear the birds now, sending me their call.

I must now follow and leave the forest too,
The sun has set, the darkness will hinder my view.
Tomorrow I can come again, enjoy the peace I seek,
The silence of the forest and the whispers I hear.

Roasary Mat. Hr. Sec. School,

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