Every Child arrives on earth with a message to deliver to mankind and a mission to do. YCS/YSM movement was born with a vision. With a dream to build a better society, a society of love, peace, hope and justice. Movement’s struggle is to build a better tomorrow. So, through the movement we are called upon to deliver a message of hope to mankind, a mission on earth for a better tomorrow.

My roots of acquaintance with the YCS/YSM Movement could be traced back to 1981. As a growing up teenager, who was curious wanted to experiment something new, the very idea of YCS/YSM was new and unique to me. Therefore I started attending the cell meetings. Initially it was fun; gradually I was attracted by the multi dimensional working and the value system of the movement i.e.., the concept of NEW SOCIETY through self improvement. I was completely taken up by the movement; a bond was built between me and the movement. The value system is still alive in me. The fire to build a better tomorrow is burning within me.

I still cherish the unique experience of my involvement in the movement for 10 long years .I have gained a lot from the movement. The important one is knowing me. I was always a selfish, self centered arrogant person without knowing where I was heading. But in the cell meetings I stated sharing the feelings, experience, knowledge, money and materials with others. Before Joining the Movement I was always so busy with my studies, competitions, friends I never thought about the world around me. Now at the meetings I came out of the shell and started learning the reality and reasoned out my responsibilities. The group discussions, visits to the jails, hospitals, orphanage, slum areas and villages gave me an insight on the living conditions of the fellow brethren. Without this exposure, I would not have been the person what I am today, a helping hand to the person in distress, needy and downtrodden. The cell meetings gave me an insight on my responsibilities at home. I turned out to be an alive member of the family, neighborhood, class, youth group. Many times I became the shelter at the hour of distress, a pillar to lean on; I developed my leadership ability at the camps, sections. DTS and later on to RTS. I learnt to lead the group. 

I always try to encourage teammates being behind the scene. Being the leader I am good listener and decision maker, punctual and practical.

Faith becomes strong only when a person is convinced of it. The spirituality sessions of the movement has made my faith strong. I have encountered many problems in my life. But because of my faith I could always see a ray of hope, could always see God’s hands on me. I could see a window open, when all the doors were closed. Religion is very dear and delicate issue. The deep discussions on inter religious faith has helped me to respect all religions. I could convince people around me about the joy of living in harmony inspite of differences in religion, caste, creed etc instead of communal riots and suffering.

Movement has lived for values. Justice is the foundation on which other values are built. Practically speaking, it is very difficult to live upto it. A lot of tolerance and courage is required in today’s world.

Especially in the place of work. We have become the tools in the hands of the management. But, whenever temptations creep up, I am reminded of my values, I know that a lot of my fellow YSMers are also fighting in various measures in difference of the world. This gives me courage to live for my values and fight for justice to build a better tomorrow.

Today’s world is becoming materialistic, selfish. So there is a need for Change, a lot of scope is there for change. So, we should not postpone our good work for the future. Our duty is to live today meaningfully. There is no new world without new people. Therefore I strongly believe that the members of YCS/YSM movement will become the strong pillars of the huge building of the society, burning lamps in the society‘s darkness. Once an YSM’er is a YSM’er for today, tomorrow and always.

Long Live YCS/YSM

Judith Shaila
EX-YCS/YSM- Mangalore Diocese


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