1)    Tell Me Something About Yourself?
I Am Manoj Mathew; I Grew Up In the Suburbs
Of Kollkata, Presently I Reside In Delhi. I Have Worked With YCS For Many Years, Served In The Asian Ofice And Also At The International Ofice, And Presently I Am In The International Advisory Board Of IYCS.

2)    What Are Your Likes And Dislikes?
I Like Honest People And Dislike Hypocrisy.

3)     What Is Your Present Occupation?
I Am An Independent Consultant. I Work For International Nonproit Organizations By Providing Management And Communication Strategies.

4)     What Made You Join YCS YSM?
It Was A Call Given By My Animators Who Encouraged Me To Join YCS For My Own Betterment And Development. My first Responsibility As A YCS’er Was That I Had To Accompany A Muslim Leader To An Inter Religious Dialogue So I Took Up That Responsibility. There I Saw A Huge Number Of YCS’ers And Got Excited, And Seeing The Leaders In Their Work Sort Of Inspired Me To Join This Movement.

5)      Have You Ever Been Elected Or Posted To Any Official Seats? If Yes Which All?
I Was A Member Of The Diocesan Executive Committee In Kolkata. I Have Worked At The Asian Office As An Asian Coordinator For Three Years. I Have Also Been The Secretary General Of The IYCS Office Based In Paris.

6)    Can You Describe Your Team To Us And Your Experience With Them?
I Have Mostly Worked With People Of Different Nationality. We Had An Awesome Team Work Apart From Our Wide Differences; We Worked For The Bigger Focus Of The Movement. I Grew Up With Them And Learned A Lot Of Things From Them As We Worked Closely And Committed Towards The Betterment Of The Movement. I, At Times Recall Some of the Long Hours We All Spent in Discussion To find Solutions For The Problems That The Countries Are Facing. My Team Worked In Making Innovative Publications Many Drafting And Also In Organizing Some Of The Best International Programs In The World.

7)    There Have Been Many YCSer’s Who Have Come and Gone, What Made You Stay in This Movement Till Now?
I Try My Best To Help The Movement In All Ways Possible Through Responding To Emails By People And National Movements. I In The International YCS Level Play The Role Of Advisor Who Shares His Past Memories, His Experiences And Transmit Ideas To The Present Leaders Of YCS. I Also Note That I Do All This Out Of Love For YCS YSM INDIA As It Comes Naturally And That I Am Always There When The Movement Calls For My Assistance.

8)    What Is Your Message To The Students Who Aren’t Yet Part Of YCS To Inspire Them To Join This Auspicious Movement?
YCS Is The Way Of Life, So If You Want To Discover Who You Are And Understand The Real Meaning Of Life, Join. And It Will Change Your Life. Also It Will Take You To New Places And Give Opportunities To Meet People From Different Castes And Cultures. In Short It Will Be A Memorable Experience That An Average Student Can’t Cherish From His/her Classroom.

Compiled By - Melwyn
Former NEXCO
Maharashtra & Gujarat

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