I’m privileged to be a part of the first YCS/YSM National Convention that took place from 18-21 May 2014 in Bhopal, MP Region. When I personally went to a journey of evaluation, I considered it the real successful story I’ve ever seen in my life and the great adventure of my responsibility as a National convener. Well, “Let me remind myself”. One day before the convention started I met many priests, sisters, animators and students and towards my surprise all of them had the same idea of which they expressed it to me like this, “JIMMY ALL THE BEST, THE CONVENTION IS IN YOUR HANDS, SO DO WELL” On hearing this I became tensed and really got nervous as I didn’t know what to do and what was my responsibility being a President. But the other NEXCOS supported me with their whole heart and mind and told me not to worry. Later on when the convention started I saw everyone was happy and expressed it in their smiling heart with each other and the programme was going on well and smoothly because of the job done by NT/Nexcos with the help of Fr Charles and all RYDs.

The spirit of participation of the delegates and their cooperation made the three days to be the unforgettable days in the history of YCS/YSM. I couldn’t think of myself when I met the former Nexcos, former YCSers and especially when they took the volunteerism as resources persons to show the way to all of us on how to live with the spirit of YCS/YSM and importantly to be the change agents of the society as YCSers. Every one respected each other as brothers and sisters. Though sometimes I got angry with some of the delegates but still their love and respect touched my conscience and I realized that I should give them something in return and that was a big smile on my face.

Organizing such a big event was irst time for me and every Nexcos, but the helping hands of all the RYDs, DYDs, Nexcos, LOCs, delegates and everyone present there through various ways made it possible the first convention a successful story in the history of YCS/YSM INDIA. Therefore I can’t say that it was in my hands alone instead EVERYBODY’s. So, thanks to Fr Charles our National Chaplain, Fr Alexander, RYD of MP region and his team, Leo Anna, who were the backbone of our program. THANK YOU BHOPAL. WE MISS YOU.

- Jimmy Pdang, National Convenor

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