You can close your eyes from reality but not from memories like that,only some of the memories were of our YCS YSM training and election program which was held on 7- 8 July at divine retreat center kolar for 2 days. In which we came to know about YCS YSM works for youth welfare. As we all know that today's youth attracts themselves towards bad additions and spoil there future. In training program we came to understand about a cell which has to be made by every youth in which all the cell members of the cell will tell about their problems and the other team members have to tell solutions of that problem,which helps youth to overcome that problem.YCS is not only in DEXCO level or regional level, it is also a national and international. Our youth director is Fr.Alexander who is very co operative and energetic to spread YCS in all over MP region. I came to learn team work , trust , leadership. We also played games , learned action songs,etc. In elections there were eight posts for DEXCO and other were elected as zonal incharge.i was elected as liturgy Secretary of Bhopal diocese of YCS. I really feel proud to be a part of YSC team members.i also thank everyone who all have treated on me and elected me for this post and gave me an opportunity to be a member of YCS. I also at last thank God Almighty who helped us to be a of YCS/YSM. I also pray to God us and be with us when we are working for YCS/YSM. May god bless you all my lovely team members











Rohan Francis
Liturgical secretary,DEXCO
Bhopal diocese, MP region

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