A warm greeting to all ,

I am Arpit khakha boy representative , DEXCO . Bhopal diocese MP region I am sharing my first experience of YSM/YSM leadership program which was held on 7 and 8July , before going there I didn't knew about YCS /YSM , I came to know the history of YCS/YSM , YCS/YSM is a very unique moment it give a us very good platform for students , it teaches us to deal problems and situations , it's main aim to build a new society .I have learned many things , if we want to change others , first we have to change yourself . I feel very happy to be a part of YCS /YSM , after that we played a bible script act , that had inspired me a lot , bible is not only for reading words ,we also to practice Bible in our daily lifes and also I learned to always Appreciate others and make them happy and to make them smile , after that we also had danced with our YCS members and that dance was fabulous and amazing one! we had enjoyed very much , and we interacted with each other and we became more familiar , which made me very confident and gave me courage, which really helped in my school, on 2nd day Roshni Mary and Nancy Di had shared their experience of YCS which inspired me and Father Alexander also gave us very motivational words and tips. He also told us that ...... Youth are next the church .... Youth are the future of the church ,we played many games (like exploring new things , making pirmet , collecting the things) this inspired us very much, at last we elected our YCS/YSM leaders and all gave me the opportunity to be a leader , leader is not only a head but real leader are those who take care and listen what members say and forgive each other, I specially want to thank to father Alexander jesudasan ,Mary roshni ,Nancy kujur ,Prianjana Bhalarai , Ravi Xess, Felix Xaxlo all guided us. Thank you all, it was a great experience.... LET YCS/YSM LiGHT SHINE











Arpit khakha
Boys representative,DEXCO
Bhopal diocese

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