Introduction and Basic Information:
What is YCS/YSM: It is a student movement where students come together in small groups of 8-10 to share their interests, problems, experiences, anxieties etc and find a solution of their own through the YCS methodology of See, Judge and Act i.e. Awareness, Reflection Action and Evaluation.

It was founded by Cardinal Joseph Cardijn of Belgium in 1931. Though its roots were found in India in 1950 it was officially organized by Sr. Jeanne Devos on 16th January 1966 at Chennai.  It was officially recognized by the CBCI in 1969 and Sr. Jeanne Devos became its first National Animator. YSM was affiliated to it for the sake of the students of other faith in 1970 and in the same year YCS/YSM was affiliated to the IYCS international.

Present Scenario: At present, the Movement has around 176000 students and 2600 dedicated Animators, youth workers spread out in 13 regions. The Movement has formed active and dynamic church leaders, social workers and liberators who are involved in the process of socio-economic-political-religious welfare of the people all over the country.

To evolve a new society, where people live in harmony, where there is total freedom for the complete growth of the individual, where each and every person is respected in dignity hence valuing peace, love, truth, justice and equality.

Aim:  “A just Society” - God’s Kingdom.

Self change –  Change others
Personality development
Leadership through Talent exposure
Faith formation
Building up a better future
Fighting for social justice and peace

Methodology: See, Judge and Act (Awareness, Reflection, Action and Evaluation)

Characteristics: It is a movement of gathering and sharing of experiences of the members and evaluating the life situations to form an attitude towards value based pro life actions. Hence,
It is a Student movement
It is an awareness movement
It is a religiously inspired movement
It is an action oriented movement
It is a cell based movement

Spirituality: All accept one another as brothers and sisters; hence a family atmosphere is created to treat each other as real human beings.
Relationship with self – Knowing oneself
Relation ship with the Other - Process of becoming 
Relationship with God – Presence in the Reality

Cells are the basic units of the movement.
Student members become a well knit group in sustaining the fraternal relationship in sharing the life experiences to accept each other as their own.

Animators are the backbone of the movement.
Animator is a friend, guide, the one who accompanies the members always in their growth process. The Animator needs to have a deep faith in God and Prayer, Commitment to Word of God, commitment to Student members and colleagues and commitment to God’s Kingdom. He/She needs to be a visionary and learner, accepting and listening to students as they are in their spiritual and growth process.

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